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Pastor Taiwo @Sunday Service

There was unrestrained joy at the January 1 Sunday service as it was the first day and Sunday in the year 2017, our year of Open Doors.
Dwelling on the theme for the year, Pastor Taiwo told the congregation that irrespective of the achievements or successes they think they have attained, there are still more ahead. “God sees your desire to achieve more and do what He has commissioned you do to do if you had more strength. This year, He will help you,” he said.

Speaking from Revelations 3:8-9, which is the scripture for the year, Pastor Taiwo said that the doors God would open to them this year would not be based on their hard work or how much they can impress God, but because they are in their place of assignment. According to him, man on his own is limited; but for the children of God who desire to carry out their Master’s commission, He will help them fulfil it.

He reminded the congregation that light is needed to fully operate in the open doors God is making available to them, and the Word of God, according to him, is this light. He therefore urged them from Psalm 119:105 to always walk in the Word of God. “The Word of God plays a very important role in the life of every believer and as you walk in it, it will produce for you in this year of open doors in Jesus’ name,” he declared.

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Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday showers
Pastor Taiwo at the December 29 Thursday Showers service, which was the last for the year 2016, said that every opportunity presented to a child of God should be an avenue to show forth the glory of God. “You are a funnel to dispense the miraculous to this generation,” he said.
Using the account of Jesus’ compassion towards the multitude in Matthew 14:13-15 as an illustration, he said that apart from receiving miracles, every child of God should be a catalyst of the miraculous just as Jesus healed the people of their diseases in the referenced scripture. “Life is worthless and useless if it does not bless humanity,” he stated.
He therefore urged all never to allow their external situations or challenges determine their future just as Jesus did not allow the several challenging issues He encountered to determine His assignment and future. “Always control the external from the stability within,” he said.





Reading the promise for the year in Revelations 3:8-9, Pastor Nomthi at the first service in the year 2017 emphasised that God has set an open door for us and is giving us free access to it. She added that inside this open door are all the blessings we desire, and urged the congregation to enter into it without fear. “We know that the door is open to us. All we need to do is enter,” she said.

Dwelling on verse 9, she urged the church not to entertain the fear of anyone shutting the divinely opened doors because no one can shut it. “Anyone who dares to stand in the way of our open door or tries to shut it, God will subdue them under our feet,” she stated.