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The Car Park Ushers are there to ensure members and visitors are not subjected to tiresome gridlocks.
They ensure free flow of human and vehicular traffic to and from the church’s various car parks and are responsible for crowd control during major events and services.

As the name suggests, this is the department responsible for providing the children with a variety of Bible-based activities appropriate for their ages and levels of assimilation. The goal is to help parents in their divine assignment to train up their children with a foundation of sound morals and godly principles.

Often referred to as the “department of champions.” Church care is made up of volunteers responsible for ensuring that every service has dust-free seats, clean toilets, scrubbed floors and a generally hygienic environment that is conducive for worship and spiritual activity

Also called the Heritage of Grace, members of the department present Biblical principles and notable church information through theatre, as service to God and ministry to the church community and beyond. They produce quality dramatic and comedy presentations to enhance and compliment messages from the altar and themes of special attractions and events.

Few things serve the common good as effectively as a functioning government. The objective of the Government Relations department is to equip Christians in public service with the spiritual, moral and intellectual capacity needed to enable and sustain effective government institutions and to encourage more Christians to engage in public service at every level. In carrying out these objectives the department serves the larger goal of promoting integrity in governance, improving the lot of the common man, thereby bringing glory to God. The unit expresses the aforementioned commitment through a series of activities including:
Intercession: Offering up continued, fervent prayers for those in public service and the nation at large.
Training: Training functioning and aspiring public office holders on how to wield and demonstrate Christ like influence in government at all levels.
Public Policy Enhancements: Making thoroughly researched public policy suggestions and proposing solutions to specific areas of public service delivery to the appropriate authorities at various levels.
Political Process: Training on the engagement of the political space, constitutionalism, socio-political structure, etc.

Healing Streams is the medical department of the church. The mission is to demonstrate the love of Christ by providing emergency medical care, medical awareness and medical advisory to members of the church. It also organises medical outreaches, particularly to Ilupeju and environs..

The Fountain of Life church has a culture of amity and warmth that has blossomed throughout the years. The welfare department symbolizes this. It ensures that first time visitors to the church experience that air of acceptance and friendship. Newcomers during any of the two Sunday services are received with words of encouragement, promises from the Bible and light refreshments. Regular members are also celebrated on their birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

The prayer department exists in fulfilment of the scripture “Men ought always to pray and not faint…” (Luke 18:1). It is made up of ministers and individuals driven by a passion to intercede and supplicate on behalf of the church, members, the nation and all souls needing God’s love and salvation. The department holds intercessory sessions for every one of the church’s services and programmes.

The Fountain of Life Church is known for very robust and celebratory praise and worship sessions anchored by anointed psalmists, music ministers and instrumentalists also fondly known as the Grace Levites. Apart from singing to glorify God, our music ministers support the Pastor by using music to encourage and uplift God’s people, drawing us all into a closer relationship with God.

The outreach department is primarily focused on taking the good news of salvation and restoration beyond the walls of the church and ensuring that new converts are monitored/mentored as they grow in their new found faith and relationship with God. The department is made up of three units – Evangelism, Missions and Follow-up.

A unit of the Senior Pastor’s office responsible for running the itinerary of the church’s pastorate and invited guests. They plan and execute the transportation, lodgings, hospitality and safety logistics of Pastors and Guest ministers during and after services and events as well as provide executive assistance where necessary.
The fact that the church is a place of refuge for all also makes it susceptible to visits from individuals with questionable behavior. Thus, the security department exists to enforce the three tenets of security – deter, detect and demobilize – thereby ensuring the safety of lives and property within the church and the immediate surroundings.

The Publications department manages a slew of publications from the stable of The Fountain of Life Church including The Fountain Magazine, Fountaineer Newsletter and Thursday Showers Newsletter.
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A successful service is one where all the elements of sound and vision flow in sync to give worshippers a memorable worship experience. Achieving this balance is the primary concern of the department made up of audiovisual, technical and sound units. They combine cutting0-edge equipments, gadgets and expertise to give you a glorious on-site and online worship experience.

Ushers are the first point of contact for everyone visiting or attending The Fountain of Life Church. The primary function of the ushering department is to ensure that the atmosphere of worship is conducive for worshippers and they enforce decorum in fulfillment of the admonishment in 1 Corinthians 14:40: “But be sure that everything is done properly and in order…