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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday Service

The joy and rejoicing at the church auditorium on December 25 was not just because it was a Sunday service but because it was also the day the entire world joined Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world.

In his message to the congregation, Pastor Taiwo related the story of the conception and birth of Jesus Christ, as recorded in Luke 1:26-45, to events in believers’ daily lives. According to him, just as Mary received the strange greetings from the angel Gabriel who asked her to rejoice because she had been favoured among women, every child of God should always rejoice irrespective of their situation. This is because they too are highly favoured and blessed of God. “It doesn’t matter what the situation is, always rejoice in the Lord,” he said.

Pastor Taiwo further stated that the Holy Spirit is always there by God’s children to make possible whatever promise they have received from Him. “When God has given you His Word but things appear impossible in the natural realm, the Holy Spirit is always there to make it possible,” he said.

He urged the congregation to always have faith in God and trust Him to fulfil whatever promise He has made to them just as Mary believed the good news the angle brought and received the manifestation.

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Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers
Speaking about the resurrection of Lazarus as recorded in John 11:1-44, Pastor Taiwo at the December 22 Thursday Showers service said that any challenge that seems to be overwhelming for God’s children is not to destroy or bring shame to them but to elevate the name of God and reveal His glory to the world. “Whatever it is that seems like a problem or sickness that wants to overwhelm you will not; rather, it will serve as a reference point. God will use it to pull you up,” he said.
According to Pastor Taiwo, overwhelming situations can make believers weary just like Mary and Martha, Lazarus’ sisters were. However, it is at such times unwavering faith needs to be applied because Jesus is more than capable to restore any seeming dead situation just as He did in the case of Lazarus. “With God, nothing is ever late. There is nothing done that God cannot undo,” he said.

He encouraged the church not to give up on themselves or whatever circumstances they may find themselves in. “Wherever you have packed up you expectations, Jesus is asking you to unpack. Whatever door of disappointments you have shut, unlock the door,” he said.

Reading from Colossians 3:23-25, Pastor Nomthi admonished the church against doing anything for show or seeking praises from men; rather, they should learn to be grateful and be full of praises to God.

She shared a story she read from a book in her primary school days about a monkey who did things to curry the praises of men because it saw a man do things and got praised by men. Unfortunately, what the monkey did not know was that the man did what he did from his heart, not seeking to show off.

Pastor Nomthi then urged the church not to do anything for show but to glorify God who in the end will repay us for the right things we do.

Dwelling on the promise for the week which is in Leviticus 26:9-10, Pastor Nomthi said at the December 25 Sunday service that every promise of God that a believer received has a gestation period and when the right time for delivery comes, such a believer would need to push to deliver that child.

According to her, Mary received a promise from the angel Gabriel and began the journey of gestation. On the day of delivery, she said, she pushed forth baby Jesus. “Your promise has ripened and your water has just broken. So push, because today is the day your promise will be birthed,” she said.