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Pastor Taiwo @Sunday Service
For believers, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the actual act of open door and it becomes effective in their lives when they acknowledge and accept the work done at Calvary and access it through faith. This was the crux of Pastor Taiwo’s message at the January 8 Sunday service while dwelling on the theme of the year, Open Doors. “For the ordinary believer, the door is opened all right but he will not get anything until he walks through it,” he stated.
Using the account of the church in Philadelphia recorded in Revelation 3:7-9 as an example, he said that the motive of a believer in doing anything for God matters a lot irrespective of how little his or her strength is. According to him, God always rewards faithfulness and sincerity of heart with an open door. And this open door, he said, means supernatural empowerment, capacity, endowment and capability to do more.
He urged all to always ask God for grace to see the door He has opened for them and strength to walk through it, instead of focussing on the enemy because that would mean fighting an already defeated foe. “Don’t fight where the victory is already won. See the open door, give the necessary command to the enemy to stay clear, and walk through it,” he said.
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Pastor Taiwo @Thursdays Showers
January 5, 2017 witnessed an enormous influx of worshippers into The Fountain of Life Church as it was the first Thursday Showers and Business Anointing service in the New Year. The awesome testimonies at the service led the congregation into more worship and praise to God for the year, which has been declared Our Year of Open Doors.
While exhorting the worshippers on the theme for the year, Pastor Taiwo said that contrary to the world’s view of achieving success and greatness by strength and intelligence, only those who stay and get their strength renewed in the Lord will experience the promised open doors. According to him, no physical strength, intelligence, size or background can open the door of favour to one except God. And once the door is opened, he said, it puts the spotlight on one.
Speaking from Revelation 3:7-8 and 1 Corinthians 16:9, he said that any door which has been opened would also attract the devil because he would try to fight and shut it, just like Pharaoh and his Egyptians soldiers tried to bring the Israelites back into slavery. But whatever door God opens for His children can never be shut by anyone or anything created, he said.
He then urged everyone not to focus on the impossibilities of the past because they can be a tool of distraction in the hands of the enemy to hinder them from walking through the door of favour God has opened unto them. He urged them to focus instead on the open doors set before them and possess their possessions. “The enemy will try to distract you but don’t focus on the distractions; focus instead on the open doors and go forward in spite of whatever you see or feel,” he stated.




Pastor Nomthi, while encouraging the worshippers at the first Thursday Showers and Business Anointing service for the year from 2 Samuel 8:6&14, said that they should not be afraid in the New Year because they are already preserved by the Lord and He is with them, just as He was with David and preserved him wherever he went. “The devil has no choice but to allow you pass because the doors of blessings and favour have been opened to you,” she said.
Using the personal story of how the devil once almost discouraged her from praising God and how she confronted him, she said that irrespective of what the devil throws at them, they should boldly confront him with the Word of God and praise of Him. This, according to her, will chase the devil away from them. “You sure have a reason to praise the Lord,” she said.




Exhorting the congregation from Nahum 1:7, which is the promise for the week, Pastor Nomthi at the January 8 Sunday service declared that the Lord is good and a stronghold in the day of trouble for those who trust in Him. “God is always good and He will always be there for you. All you need to do is trust Him,” she said.
According to Pastor Nomthi, there would always be a day of trouble because the devil is angry out there and walking about like a roaring lion, seeking to devour ignorant people. But his paws, she said, cannot touch God’s children because they are already hidden under the shadow of His wings. “There is no problem too big for God and once you are hidden under His wings, the devil’s attack can’t get to you,” she said.
She urged everyone not to try to confront their challenges with their own strength or power because that shows a lack of trust in God and it would further make things more difficult and stressful for them. In her words, “Trying to solve your problems by yourself takes a longer time than when you run straight to the stronghold because that is where you are safe.”