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Pastor Taiwo @Sunday Service
Pastor Taiwo at the January 29 Sunday service said that one major reason why believers do not usually get their blessings or possess their possessions is the lack of spiritual sight to see that there are no more partitions or hindrances to these blessings. This spiritual blindness, he said, is what hinders many from walking through their open doors. “It is one thing for the door to be opened and it’s another thing for you to know that the door is opened,” he said.
Speaking from Revelation 3:7-9 and 1 John 4:4, he said that any child of God who forgets his or her identity in Christ will always lose the battle. This is because the devil will always sell a lie about their real identity to such and that will make them confused as to how to possess their possessions. “You are a son, not a slave; so know your rights because if you don’t know, the world will tell you who you are and it will be a lie,” he stated.
He urged all to always see like God, their Father, sees them because it is only then they will be able to walk victoriously on the face of the earth like Jesus did. “You are of God and He has not given you the spirit of fear, so don’t write yourself off,” he said.
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Pastor Taiwo @Thursday Showers
Dwelling more on the promise for the year—Revelation 3:7-8, Pastor Taiwo during the last Thursday Showers service said that when God opens a door, no creature in heaven and on earth can shut it and when He shuts, none can open.

According to him, God is the only One who has the final say on anyone’s case and whatever He says becomes authority which no man can contradict. “This is why you need to understand and know who God is, for He is the God who created the heavens without needing the help of anyone. He has the final say,” he said.

He urged believers to focus more on God through His word and take the attention off themselves and their situations. This, he said, could be achieved by looking unto Jesus with unwavering faith. “Jesus is the author and finisher of your faith, and looking unto Him is the only way to take advantage of the open doors that have been set before you,” he said




Pastor Nomthi Odukoya at the Thursday Showers service on January 26 said that there is much uproar facing children of God, especially in these last days, but such uproars cannot last or defeat them just as they did not defeat the early Christians. “Today, that uproar has ceased,” she declared.

Speaking from Acts 20:1, she explained the different types of uproar that could confront a child of God. According to her, they include worry, anxiety, fear, and every works of the flesh, which the devil can use to hinder them from walking through their open doors.

She admonished all to always walk in the word of God, which is the best antidote to all uproars. That way, she said, their spirits, souls, and bodies will become untouchable for every negative vibe.





Admonishing the congregation from the promise of the week which is in Psalm 91:3-4, Pastor Nomthi at the January 29 Sunday service said that God is always mindful of their well-being and always watches out for them, just like a chicken protects her chicks from hawks. In her words, “If a hen can see to the protection of her chicks and covers them with her feathers to protect them from harm, how much more will your heavenly Father see to your protection and make sure you don’t get harmed?”
Believers, she said, need to be bold to confront the devil and his cohorts irrespective of their threats. This is because God will always keep them safe and protected. “You are kept safe in His hands and He will make sure no harm comes near you because He is the Creator of the universe,” she said.
She noted that full protection can only be guaranteed when one continually stays under God’s wings of protection. Moving outside His will and arms, she said, will lead to harm. “Don’t go away from His presence because His presence is where you get protection,” she stated.