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Pastor Taiwo @Sunday Service
In continuation of his message on the theme of the year, Pastor Taiwo at the January 22 Sunday service said that God will usually reveal Himself to His own based on their knowledge of Him. And once believers have the knowledge of God, nothing would be able to stop them from achieving their goals.
Speaking from Revelation 3:7-10, he said that the Word of God is the creative substance of all things and the life of everything created, hence His strength is made manifest in His children’s little efforts to make them supernatural. This is why, he said, they should live conscious of the truth that He would always be involved in whatever He has committed to them. “Every blessing God gives you is a provision for your assignment and it is in view of this that He has opened a door for you. So you will not have to struggle for whatever you will need to fulfill your assignment,” he said.
He urged them to make up their minds to walk through the doors God has opened door to them to fulfil their assignments. “God is involved in your life, so whatever could not stop Jesus cannot stop you,” he stated.
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Pastor Taiwo @Thursday Showers
The weaker you feel in the place of your assignment, the more qualified you are by His grace. These were the encouraging words of Pastor Taiwo Odukoya at the Thursday Showers service which held on January 19 as he continued his message on the theme of the year, Open Doors.

Speaking from Revelations 3:7-9, he explained that Christians need not fear failure as God is the One who has given them their assignments. “God knows and sees that your strength is small but in spite of this, His promise of not leaving you is sure if you would continue in Him,” he stated.

Every accomplishment, according to him, is orchestrated by God, and every achievement can be defined by the fact that Jesus has opened the door. “So do not disturb yourself with where you have failed; rather concern yourself with what you are about to achieve,” he said.




Using the account of Lazarus’ death and resurrection as recorded in John 11:33-37 as an illustration, Pastor Nomthi at the January 19 Thursday Showers service said that Jesus is aware of our troubles and the fact that He does not react like we want Him to do does not change His love and care for us.

She noted that even when the world blames God on our behalf, just as the crowd blamed Jesus on behalf of Mary and Martha for not being the friend He was thought to be, He knows the best thing to do and the right time to step in just as He did for them by raising their brother, Lazarus, from the dead. “Just as Jesus came right on time to raise Lazarus from the dead, God will come through for you in Jesus name,” she stated.

She urged every believer to always carry Jesus along, whatever they might be going through, as He would manifest on their behalf, just as He did for Lazarus. “Jesus is interested in where you have laid your dead hopes and dreams. Take Him there and watch Him bring them back to life for you,” she said.



So many Christians, according to Pastor Nomthi, are like the proverbial woman who had a heavy load on her head even while enjoying a free ride. She said this at the January 22 Sunday service while admonishing the congregation from Matthew 11:28, which is the promise for the week. “As a Christian, you don’t need to carry your load anymore. Take the load off your heart and drop it at Jesus’ feet in exchange for His rest,” she said.
She noted that the death of Jesus Christ has paved way for a resting and refreshing place for anyone who believes in Him and so believers should make good use of this rest in Christ. This, according to her, would make them affect their environment positively and attract others to that resting place. “If you carry that load in your heart, it will disturb other people because they will see the impact of the load in your heart. So, come to Christ and get restored and energized for the journey,” she enjoined.