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Pastor Taiwo @Sunday Service
Pastor Taiwo has urged all Christians to see themselves as God sees them. He made this statement at the February 5 Sunday service in continuation of his sermon on Open Doors, which is the theme of the year. “He knows you absolutely, so you should see yourself as He sees you. Don’t define yourself by the lies you hear or see,” he said
Dwelling on 1 Corinthians 2:16, he noted that having Christ’s mindset in all situations and circumstances is the best way to annul whatever negative ideas the devil or the world may throw at us. “If you are born again you have the mind of Christ, which is the ability to balance physical thoughts with the spiritual and to see open doors as well as see unusual possibilities. But if you are thinking like the people of the world, you cannot but think and confess negative things,” he said.
Continuous renewing of one’s mind, Pastor Taiwo said, is the weapon against the negative mindset of the world, and this is what would enable one see every divinely opened door and thereby walk through it. “Renew your mind and see the open doors God has set before you,” he admonished.
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Pastor Taiwo @Thursday Showers
As a believer in Christ Jesus, you have the mind of Christ. You think what He thinks, which is what the Father thinks, and that is what produces miracles. These were the words of Pastor Taiwo at the February 2 Thursday Showers service. “We have the mind of Christ, so we think the way he thinks. Consequently, we shouldn’t have any problem manifesting Him at all times and in all things,” he said.
Speaking from Revelation 3:7 and 1 Corinthians 2:6-16, he said that the fullness of God dwells in Jesus and so we are complete in Him. “You are a son in His house, whether male or female. You are complete and delivered, so don’t get distracted,” he stated.
He urged all, from Colossians 3:2, to always set their minds on things above, which include the promises in His word, and not on things on the earth. “Start from where you are; you have all things at your disposal. Don’t concern yourself with what you don’t have. You have the mind of Christ,” he said.

Encouraging the worshippers at the February 2 Thursday Showers service from Revelation 3:11, Pastor Nomthi said that believers should always live in the consciousness of the second coming of Jesus Christ so as not to lose their crown.
She noted that though crowns are given to champions, they can lose such if not handled properly or if they do not keep to the rules of wearing the crowns. “You must at all times protect your crown because people are looking at you, seeing the way you are running your race. You cannot engage in everything the world does because you are royalty and they must see Jesus in you,” she stated.
She then urged them from 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 and Acts 3:21 to always have the consciousness of Jesus’ second coming and thus behave like Christ so as not to lose their crown when He comes back. “There are places your crown cannot and must not be worn to. So you must keep running, holding fast to what you have, which is your crown,” she said.



From Psalm 145:18 (the promise for the week), Pastor Nomthi admonished the congregation at the February 5 Sunday service that God always answers those who call upon Him in truth. According to her, just as earthly kings pay attention to truth and sincere requests, so also does God pay attention to those who pay attention to Him and call upon Him in truth.
She noted that God can be approached anytime and anywhere; He does not need protocols like earthly kings. “He is your Father and He is the King of kings. He loves you and wants you to call upon him in truth and He will definitely answer you,” she said.