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Pastor Tosin Sowemimo @Sunday Service
Man, in the real sense of life, cannot lay claim to anything as his or her own. From breath to life achievements, there is nothing anyone can really claim to be his or hers. This is why it is essential for humans, especially believers, to know that God is the centre of their existence. Pastor Tosin Sowemimo said this during the August 13 first service. In the journey of life, you will realize that you truly own nothing; the value you used to place on things changes the moment you come to this realization, she said.
She noted from Colossians 3:1-4, 15-20 and 1 John 3:1-10 that believers ought to align themselves with God as this would alter what preoccupies their minds. According to her, every achievement for a child of God should bring him or her to a place of humility because he or she would give account of those opportunities in the end. We are pilgrims in this life, so nothing should take us away from or consume our time over Jesus, she stated.
She implored believers to make Jesus the centre of their lives and truly be the vessels by which His purpose is achieved while they are still on earth. Don’t let the battles of your life distract you; let Jesus remain at the centre, she said.

Pastor Dapo Williams @Sunday Service
It is true that God has set before His children an open door. But just like there is no covenant condition of God where man has no part to play, accessing the open door requires certain steps a believer needs to take to be able to enter into it. Pastor Dapo said this during the second service of August 10. Because God has set an open door doesn’t automatically mean you are going to go through it unless you find out how, he said.
Dwelling on Revelation 3:7-9, he said that for the open door to be accessed, there has to be brotherly love. He further noted that the word of God is the open door and so individuals have to go through the Bible to find their own way to the door. Everything in life begins and ends with Jesus, so any door you are looking for must begin and end with Him. Any other door is a useless one, he stated.
Using the experience of Paul and Silas as recorded in 1 Corinthians 16:9 as an illustration, he said that total obedience, faith, holiness, cheerful giving, sowing of seeds, positive mind towards others, being truthful, joy of the Lord which is strength to believers, songs of praise and prayer are major keys to accessing the door. Knowledge is very necessary for victory. I don’t know what you are going through, find out what you need to do to open that door. God has set it before you but you need to open it, he said.
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Pastor Paul Briggs @Thursday Showers
Believers ought to know that God’s love for them is not based on their performance but on His nature. Pastor Paul Briggs said this while admonishing the congregation at the August 10 Thursday Showers service. God is an embodiment of love, he said.
Speaking from Romans 14:1-18, 1 John 3:16, 1 Corinthians 13 and John 13:34-35, he told the congregation that love is a decision which involves selfless service and giving. According to him, God’s love can be fully and truly experienced when one extends the love of Christ to one’s brethren. This, he said, would prove to the world that we are truly God’s children. The bickering, backbiting, competition, and other vices among members of the body of Christ would cease if only believers would truly show love to themselves in the real sense of the word, he stated.
Pastor Briggs admonished believers to shun religion and start a good relationship with God by allowing the revelation of His word mold their lives. Whatever you do without love will amount to nothing because love is the greatest thing, he said.