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Pastor Gbenga Onabanjo @ Sunday First Service
A name is a word or a set of words by which a person or a thing is known. It is either to protect the tradition or culture of people and is also a predictor of success, art, crafts, and the totality of the bearer. This is why it should be guarded and not be taken as ordinary. These were the words of Pastor Gbenga Onabanjo during the July 30 Sunday first service. “You must take ownership of your name and guard it jealously,” he said.
Speaking from Genesis 2:18-20, 1 Chronicles 4:9 and Proverbs 22:1, he said that believers, as ambassadors of Christ, ought to always be of good character and conscience irrespective of status or circumstances. According to him, the world accords prominence and recognition to wealth over a good name and integrity but this should not deter God’s children from pursuing integrity. “You will not only be role models to them, you will also have wealth. So,  have a good name that will stand you out anywhere you find yourself,” he stated.
He then urged all to uphold good character because that is what will uphold them at the top. “Wherever you find yourself, uphold the name of the Lord by living an exemplary life of integrity, character, honesty, performance and purity,” he said.

Pastor Biodun Soderu @ Sunday Second Service
Believers don’t fight for victory, they fight from victory. This is because the battle has already been won by their Saviour Jesus Christ and He has handed the victory over to them. So whenever a believer engages in a battle with the enemy, it is with the assurance of the victory he or she has in Christ and faith in His Word. Pastor Biodun Soderu declared this during the second service on Sunday, July 30. “God does not lie and His Word can never be faulted,” he said.
Speaking from 2 Samuel 3:1 and Isaiah 40:7-8, he said that the Word of God does not fail and when He speaks, everything changes and victory is the result. This is why, he said, the devil will always try to distract a believer and hinder him or her from relying on the Word of God. “God can never be surprised or caught unawares. So it will be to your greatest benefit to trust Him and His Word,” he said.
He stated that there is never a hopeless situation with God, noting that believers can however sometimes find it hard to believe Him totally and therefore make it look like God’s Word is not firm. This, according to him, is one reason believers lose battles.
He therefore urged all never to doubt God’s Word but to hold on to it as that is the best way to fulfil destiny.
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 Pastor Ladipo Babatunde @ Thursday Showers
The account of the man with an infirmity for 38 years who laid at the pool of Bethesda in John 5:1-9 showed that many children of God are also still confronted with situations that make them incapable of producing results even though they still come to church. But when such have an encounter with Jesus, their story changes for good. This was the crux of Pastor Ladipo Babatunde’s message at the July 27 Thursday Showers service. “Destiny is a function of time,” he said.
He further spoke from Proverbs 13:12 and Revelation 3:8-9 to show that even though hope delayed makes the heart weary, delay is not denial, and when it seems God is coming late, He is coming big. This, according to him, is the reason a child of God should not lose hope because God will definitely come through for His own no matter how long it seems. “It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been waiting for that promise and how much tears you have shed, you will come through and have a great testimony,” he stated.
He therefore urged all never to give up because whatever delay they are experiencing is what would qualify them for their miracle.