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Pastor Femi Megbope @Sunday First Service
Pastor Femi Megbope has challenged Christians to be discerning in identifying the season in their lives in preparation for the next so as to avoid regrets and discomfort. He said this during his message at the August 20 Sunday first service. “You need to be discerning to know when a season is about to end in your life so you can prepare for the next season. Failure to do this may cause loss and regrets,” he said.
Speaking from Ecclesiastes 3:1-11, Genesis 8:22 and 1 Chronicles 12:32, he said that there is the right time to do something. This is because no one has control over seasons; and since they do not last forever, priorities need to be set appropriately in each season so as to get the benefits therein. “There are things to be done during each season. You must realign your priorities well and learn what you need to learn so as not to pay for it the hard way,” he noted.
He urged all to take seriously every season of their lives as that will determined how prepared they are for the next. “We are all at a season in our lives and the happenings in any particular season are preparation for the next. So if you miss the opportunity to plant in autumn, you’ve missed the opportunity to harvest in summer,” he said.


Pastor Yemisi Akindolie @Sunday Second Service
Pastor Yemisi Akindolie urged the congregation at the August 20 Sunday second service to always stand their ground against the confrontations of the devil as they journey in life by consistently speaking the word of God.
According to her, there will always be a beast to challenge God’s words in their lives as believers, but allowing God’s Spirit to minister to them via His word will always bring them victory. “Just as Jesus was tempted by Satan in the wilderness, you as God’s child will be tempted too. So you should stand and face him knowing that you already have the victory in Christ Jesus,” she said.
Speaking from Mark 1:8-14, she said that what Jesus Christ did on the cross at Calvary marked the end of all discussions with Satan; so all one needs to do is quote the word of God against him. “The enemy only challenges the word of God in the lives of believers as he did to Eve. You are expected to stand your ground in victory,” she said.
She urged them not to give in to the devil’s tactics, which he always uses to derail people from their purpose, but to allow the Holy Spirit to take the wheel of their lives.
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Pastor Kunle Osunkunle @Thursday Showers
Pastor Kunle Osunkunle at the August 17 Thursday Showers service said that one of the components of the kingdom of God which believers inherited through Christ is peace. According to him, this peace brings about quietness of spirit that transcends circumstances in a child of God. “It brings out in you the confidence of God’s character amidst issues. This is a practical test of your Christianity,” he said.
Speaking from Romans 14:17 and 2 Thessalonians 3:16, he said that this peace does not focus on the absence of trouble but on the goodness of God that is untouched by whatever happens on the outside. Fear, according to Pastor Kunle, is inevitable in life, but the peace of God in a believer’s life produces tranquility in him or her even in the face of fear and trial.
He noted from 1 Corinthians 14:33, Isaiah 9 and Ephesians 2:4 that this peace is a gift of God which can be activated by His word. “When you carry Jesus in your heart through the Holy Spirit and your heart is focused on God’s word, you will have this peace,” he said.