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Pastor Fred Ohiani @ Sunday First Service
Speaking about Kingdom manifestations at the July 23 Sunday first service, Pastor Fred Ohiani said that the Kingdom of God is the rule, dominion and authority of Jesus manifesting through believers by the power of the Holy Ghost to prove to the world that He is alive. According to him, the dominion given to man at creation, which he lost due to his lack of walking in the power vested on him, was restored to him by the finished work of Christ thereby restoring him to that original state of rulership. “If you are in the Kingdom of God, this power must be manifest in you,” he said.
Speaking from Romans 14:17 and 1 Corinthians 4:20, he said that the Kingdom of God is not a concept or theory to be grasped intellectually but of power. It is therefore pertinent, he said, for God’s children to manifest the attributes of this Kingdom via righteousness, peace and the power of the Holy Spirit. This, according to him, can be achieved when they allow the Holy Spirit to do His full work in them. “There is nothing you can do successfully in the Kingdom of God without the Holy Spirit,” he stated.
He enjoined all to begin to walk in the reality of their identity in Christ. This, according to him, is when they will be able to truly manifest the Kingdom.

Pastor Akin Osinbajo @ Sunday Second Service
Just as pregnancy is usually discomforting for women but has to be carried for nine months with the hope of bringing forth a child, so is hope needed in order to get the best result out of any situation one might be going through. Pastor Akin Osinbajo said this while admonishing the congregation at the July 23 Sunday second service on the audacity of hope. “There must be a waiting period for the manifestation of every promise,” he said.
Speaking from Isaiah 66:7-9, Pastor Osinbajo said that hope is a prerequisite for faith. According to him, hope is based on what is perceived to be possible and it exists alongside logic and human reasoning.
He further explained that hope is more fragile and vulnerable to external influences than faith. This is why it needs to be shielded and protected from fear, logic, doubt, skepticism, reasoning and the devil, the same way everything done to shield and protect a pregnancy from any negative thing that can abort it. “Our belief in the promises of God rest on hope and faith. So you have to ensure that you protect your hope from the dangers of the world,” he stated.
He urged the congregation to never give up on hope and to make the best use of opportunities. “There is a need for all to talk to the inner man to help see all opportunities as open doors,” he said.
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Pastor Amaka Maduneme@ Thursday Showers

In as much as God’s children desire to have breakthroughs and attain the next level, most of them do not want to take the necessary steps to that next level no matter how much God urges them to and is ready to help them accomplish it. So, as much as God has set before His children an opened door and is ready to take them through it, they also must be ready to move. Pastor Amaka Maduneme said this at the July 21 Thursday Showers service. “God is ready to take you to your next level but the only person that can stop you from getting there is you,” she said.
Using the life of Abraham, as recorded in Genesis 12:1-4, 13:14-16, and 17:1-5 as an illustration, she said that total trust in God and His Word are very vital for a believer to get to that next level just as Abraham trusted God, followed Him obediently and reaped the reward. She also said that God is faithful to keep to His Word and covenant but disobedience, selfishness, laziness, procrastination, distraction from friends and discouragement from the society could hinder that promise from being fulfilled.

The benefits of the next level, according to Pastor Maduneme, should be reason enough for a believer to endure temporary difficulties. She therefore advised all to always rely on God’s Spirit, grace, wisdom, knowledge, faith and obedience to get to that next level. “Next level would not come leisurely. So any purposeful life that will give God glory should not procrastinate or get distracted,” she noted.