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Pastor Tayo Bayo-Kujore @ Sunday First Service
Faith, contrary to contemporary reasoning, is like a tree that needs nurturing so that it can produce good fruits. Pastor Tayo Bayo-Kujore said this at the August 27 Sunday first service. “Faith that doesn’t go through the intense process of nurturing cannot produce a good evidence,” he said.
Speaking from Hebrew 11; John 11:39-44; Joshua 1:8; Ecclesiastes 9:10-11 and Matthew 2:19, he said that faith must have the ability to speak because the spiritual is brought forth into the physical by continual mention; must trust without physical evidence; must pray; must exercise patience and perseverance because results often do not manifest immediately; and must believe and be wise. “This is why we need a deeper knowledge of the word to strengthen us,” he stated.
He urged Christians to be moderate in their lifestyle so that their faith would not be frustrated. “Don’t live carelessly claiming you are believing God for a manifestation. Live right and in moderation so that what you are believing God for can be made manifest in due season,” he said.

 Pastor Moji Awokoya @ Sunday First Service
Pastor Moji Awokoya during her message at the August 27 Sunday second service said that no child of God should harbor or exhibit fear because it is not a gift from God. According to her, the Spirit of power, love and sound mind is the gift God has bestowed on them and that is what they ought to manifest anywhere they go.
Speaking from Genesis 1:1-28 and Luke 10:1-10, she said that this can be achieved by studying the word of God. She noted that meditating on the word of God empowers believers to understand their right and brings about manifestation. “Even God our Father had to speak for creation to be made manifest. So whatever you speak is what your reality becomes,” she said.
She said that man is the only creation made in God’s image and given the authority to dominate the world and also create. Even though that dominion was lost in Genesis 3, she stated that it was restored to man through the finished work of Christ on the cross. And as many as come into God’s kingdom, she noted, possess that authority and God would always back them up whenever they use it. “So believers need to understand their rights in Christ and correct whatever things are not going the right way in their lives,” she stated.
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Pastor Lara @ Thursday Showers
Believers have been advised to always discard anything that contradicts the word of God in their lives. Pastor Lara Adesanya gave this advice at the August 24 Thursday Showers service. According to her, just as it is a contradiction for the living to be residing in a graveyard, it is a contradiction for a child of God to be living in negativity.
Using the account of the mad man of Gadarenes recorded in Mark 5:1-20 as an illustration, she said that any child of God who still entertains negative thoughts and words of the devil is bound by that lifestyle just as the mad man was held in that graveyard for years until he met Jesus. “If you desire to live a victorious life, you need to shun acts that put you out of God’s plan. Embrace God and consistently seek Him in all you do,” she said.
She noted that a blessed and satisfying life is that which is not ashamed to spread the good news of salvation to others by sharing their experience of the Saviour just as the man did after he was healed by Christ. This, according to her, will perfect such a life and bring other benefits to it. “There is nothing that happens to you that God is not aware of. So hand over your life in totality to Him and watch Him keep you safe from every attack of the enemy,” she enjoined.