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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @Sunday Service
Pastor Taiwo at the March 26 Sunday service emphasised the need for children of God to be conscious of His glory and live a life pleasing to Him. According to him, whatever a believer does that does not honour and glorify God is idolatry and is dangerous. “Always be conscious of God’s glory and honour Him because that is when He will open doors for you which no man or even the devil can shut,” he said.
Reading from 1 Corinthians 10:14-33, Proverbs 16:7, Colossians 3:17, 1 Timothy 6:17 and Romans 11:36, he explained that God is the source of all things and has given them to His children to enjoy. Idolatry, he said, is when such benefits are placed above God, the Giver. He however noted that no child of God who professes to be in covenant with Him and obediently follows His instructions would be involved in any other covenant or partake in the traditions and cultures of men which contradict the principles of God. “If the main reason you do things is not to glorify God, whatever it is that you do is idolatry no matter how sanctimonious it looks,” he said.
Anyone found in such idolatry, he said, has mortgaged his life for peanuts and would definitely lose his or her peace and stumble. He therefore urged all to always let their lives give glory to God because this is what He loves and it always comes with blessings.
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Pastor Taiwo @Thursday Showers
GOD is sovereign and cannot doubt Himself. When he says he will do a thing, he will surely do it. The believer, on his or her part, must therefore make sure he or she has faith in Him to be able to make happen what He has promised him or her. These were the words of Pastor Taiwo at the March 23 Thursday Showers service while speaking on the need for faith in accessing God’s promise. “If God said it, then you need to make it happen by your faith,” he said.

Speaking from Mark 11:13-24, Romans 4:17-18 and Revelation 3:7-9, he said that anyone who desires to get God’s kind of result would definitely need to do things God’s way. And faith, he said, is a vital ingredient God expects and also commands from His children in order to bring to pass the supernatural manifestation He has promised them. According to him, prayer is not just an activity used to kill time but an effective tool to bring to manifestation the miraculous, when mixed with faith. “As a believer, there is nothing that should make you doubt the word of God. His word is potent and will surely come to pass once He has spoken it,” he noted.

He urged all never to relent in their trust in God, enjoining them to always confess the promise of God over their lives with faith in their hearts. “Say what God is saying in faith and it will happen for you,” he said.



Using the account of Mary and Martha’s encounter with Jesus recorded in Luke 10:38-42 as an illustration, Pastor Nomthi at the March 23 Thursday Showers service said that the word of God is the best therapy against all challenges and anyone who has that has everything and will therefore be impacted positively. “The word of God is sure and will sustain anyone who has it,” she said.

According to her, one major evidence of a positive impact in a life that has been at the feet of Jesus, learning His word, is the lifting of their burdens. “God always desires you to sit at His feet and listen to His word because that word is capable of lifting your burden,” she said.

She then urged every believer not to take lightly the word of God but to hold onto it tightly as that is their guarantee of His presence in their lives and therefore their exploits. “Every other thing in life can be taken away from you, but living and abiding in the word of God can never be taken away,” she noted.







Pastor Nomthi, while exhorting the congregation on the promise for this week in 1 Corinthians 15:58, said declaring God’s word irrespective of the situation always confuses the devil. “You put the devil under your feet each time you confess the word of God and say positive things regardless of the situation,” she said.
She encouraged all to go into the new week unshaken and immovable but to be steadfast and confess the word of God. “Whenever the devil expects negative words and reactions from you, always remember to respond with the word of God and confess positive things,” she enjoined.