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Pastor Taiwo’s @ Sunday Service
Having declared April as our month of Supernatural Encounter, Pastor Taiwo at the April 2 Sunday service said that divine encounter is an unplanned meeting or surprise collision with God or a supernatural interruption from God; and when an individual has an encounter with God, blessings and testimonies are the result. “Divine encounters are planned and timed by God, but they are a surprise to men,” he said.
Using the account of Mary’s divine encounter with God (recorded in Luke 1:26-47) as an illustration and linking it with Revelation 3:8-9, he said that a divine visitation can come in different ways, but a common thread is that it does not leave the people involved the way it met them. According to him, such people always come out of obscurity to the limelight, the same way it happened to Mary. “A divine visitation is always so phenomenal that the recipient will experience a divine alteration in his or her plans and undergo a transformation,” he stated.

He declared prophetically that the month will be a season of divine encounters for believers where plans expertly put together will be altered and expectations will be surpassed to the glory of God.
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While admonishing the congregation from Daniel 11:32, which is the promise for the week, Pastor Nomthi at the April 2 Sunday service stated that those who know their God will be strong and do exploits, while those who do not know their God and do not walk according to the covenant that God has given to them shall be given to corruption and be flattered by the enemy.
She stated that once someone has given his or her life to Christ, there has to be a transformation to show that God is at work in such a believer’s life; and this is achieved, not by works, but by the working of the Holy Spirit. This transformation, according to her, will ultimately become evident to all, especially those who do not know God.
She then urged every believer to make Jesus attractive to those in the dark through their conducts as this will witness to them. “We are in an era where those who are against the word of God are being celebrated, while those who stand by the word of God are being looked down upon. So you have to make Jesus attractive to the world and thereby win their souls for Him,” she said.



Pastor Taiwo @Thursday Showers
After an awesome worship session led by Pastor Nomthi at the March 30 Thursday Showers service, Pastor Taiwo said that the standard of the Lord will always be raised against the enemy of God’s children. According to him, when a believer is in God’s presence, the miraculous happen and such is empowered for great exploits. “The best thing that can happen to any human being is to be in Christ,” he said.

Speaking from 2 Samuel 7:8-16, he said that what a believer needs to do to experience God’s standard being lifted against his or her enemy and his cohorts is be committed to His will and way, and shun all wickedness, sin and doubt. “When God shows you your future, you have to ask Him to help you commit to Him,” he stated.

He urged all never to leave God’s presence because that is where their victories and blessings are assured. “That is where your hopelessness will be turned to hope,” he said.