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Pastor Taiwo @Sunday Service
In continuation of his message on Supernatural Harvest, which is the theme for the month, Pastor Taiwo at the March 12 Sunday service admonished members of the congregation to stop complaining and comparing themselves to other people. This according to him, is because they have a covenant with God and, whatever happens to them along the journey of life, they would come out victorious as the doors are open to them. “God is never tired of your case, because He knows how long you have been trusting Him and sowing seeds even with your little strength. He has not forgotten you. You shall return and your return shall be with rejoicing,” he said.
Speaking from Revelation 3:7-8; Psalm 126:1-6; Genesis 8:22; Matthew 9:37-38; and 10:1-9, he said that the earth is made for productivity; therefore, for one to have a harvest, one needs to sow. According to him, both the land and the seeds would be useless if not effectively utilized. Whatever happens, God, he said, is still the Guarantor of the supernatural harvest; so believers should trust in Him for the harvest even as they sow their seeds. “As long as the seasons remain, your sowing and reaping shall not seize. You are a seed to this generation; your life can never be anything less than productive,” he stated.
Pastor Taiwo further said that winning of souls into God’s Kingdom is the ultimate seed a Christian can sow. The reward for that, according to him, transcends this earthly life. He therefore urged everyone not to be weary of sowing their seeds, trusting God for a bumper harvest because He will definitely be true to His word and promise in Psalm 126:6.
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Pastor Taiwo @Thursday Showers
In line with the theme for the month of March, which is Supernatural Harvest, Pastor Taiwo at the March 9 Thursday Showers service said that anyone who wants to experience a harvest must first sow. According to him, one does not have to wait to have a huge seed before sowing as God is always interested in sowing the seed first, after which the harvest. “God is always interested in what his children have rather than what they do not have. So, start the assignment by taking the first step and sow the seeds in your hands,” he said.
Using the story of the widow who was in debt in 2 Kings 4:1, and Psalm 126:5, to explain the concept of Supernatural Harvest, Pastor Taiwo said that just like the widow sowed her last seed of a jar of oil and God multiplied her seed abundantly such that she was able to live off its proceeds, so is supernatural harvest for those who would trust Him enough to surrender their seeds.
He then emphasised the need to focus on the Kingdom of God and to declare the Word concerning any situation, enjoining all to always sow seeds of praise and thanksgiving, instead of complaining and grumbling.






At the March 9 Thursday Showers service, Pastor Nomthi urged the congregation to build their spiritual muscles in order to be able to stand when the storms of life come. She illustrated this by showing a video clip depicting Matthew 7:24-25 in which Jesus urged his disciples to be obedient to the word of God. In her words, “Jesus likened the hearers and doers of God’s word to a house built on a rock which can withstand a storm and the disobedient to a house built on sand which disintegrates upon the impact of a storm.”
She therefore implored the congregation to eschew bitterness, offence and un-forgiveness as these give the devil an inroad into the life of the believer. She emphasized that forgiving, especially when one has been wronged, is hard work but this eventually leads to the growth of spiritual muscles that will be used to handle bigger problems when they come.





Dwelling on the promise for the week in 2 Chronicles 1:12, Pastor Nomthi at the March 12 Sunday service said that wisdom is the principal thing every child of God should have and therefore should not be ashamed to ask Him for. This, according to her, would help them handle issues in life. “God will give you the wisdom to deal with matters when situations are presented to you. Don’t be rigid, always ask God to give you grace to be flexible in applying His wisdom in any situation in your way,” she said.