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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday Services
Pastor Taiwo at the December 16 Sunday service said that perfected praise, which is focused on Jesus, silences the enemy. According to him, paying attention to prayer and praise always guarantees believers’ victory. “Perfect communication with GOD is when you commune with Him through the Spirit. Every situation gives way to His glory when He appears on the scene,” he said.
Speaking from Psalm 8:1-2, Matthew 21:6-9, Acts 16:25 -26, and Psalm 8:1 -2, he noted that there is a song in every believer which needs to be cultivated so that it will flourish and not diminish. An attitude of praise, he said, would always bring about victory in the life of a believer, like it happened for Paul and Silas. “You were created to sing. God enjoys your song and sound; He likes your voice. So sing praises to Him and watch Him work on your behalf,” he said.
He advised them to deliberately offer praises to GOD if they want to enjoy His presence always. A thankful heart, he stated, attracts people and favour.

Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers
When we get born again, our spirit man changes immediately but our personality does not. Our true nature is revealed as we continuously renew our mind with the Word of God. These were the words of Pastor Taiwo at the December 13 Thursday Showers service.
Dwelling on Hebrew 12:1-2, he said that the devil knows what easily ensnares us, so he watches out like a political opponent to make us fall into a snare. He stated however that if we fix our eyes and attention on Jesus we will become more like Him and are able to overcome the things that seek to ensnare us. “Reading the Bible and fellowshipping with other brethren will help you to become like the image of Christ you see,” he said.
According to Pastor Taiwo, the Holy Spirit teaches and reveals to us the mind of Christ. “The Holy Spirit is the teacher, the revealer who helps us to live exactly the way God wants us to. It’s a great mistake for a Christian to neglect the help of the Holy Spirit,” he stated.
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