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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday Service

Pastor Taiwo at the December 23 Sunday service said that it takes a believer who knows the joyful sound to be truly blessed. According to him, this knowledge determines their conviction and stability, which in turn project their attitude and produces results in their lives. 

Speaking from Psalm 89:15-18 and Psalm 1:1-3, he said that knowledge separates achievers from others. This, he said, has nothing to do with age but attitude. He further said that those who know the joyful sound always praise God, whatever their circumstances. “Blessed are those who know the joyful sound because they know that all things will always work together for their good,” he said. 

He then enjoined them never to neglect praising God. “Those who know the joyful sound cannot be stopped,” he noted.

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Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers

Pastor Taiwo told the worshippers at the December 20 Thursday Showers service that believers who know the joyful sound always have the right attitude because they walk in the light of God’s countenance and are never afraid of any situation. “Your attitude as a believer who knows the joyful sound should be that of thanksgiving, gratitude and praise to God,” he said.

Speaking from Acts 16:25-28 and Psalm 89:15, he noted that knowing the joyful sound does not mean things are working perfectly well but that it is an attitude that always strikes the chord of joy in a believer, irrespective of what he or she is going through. This, according to him, is what makes such a believer dance and rejoice in both good and bad times. “Men are not the source of your blessing, so they cannot stop it. Those who know the joyful sound are always manifesting His blessings,” he said.

He then urged them not to forget that their source of joy is God and so continually praise Him.