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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday service
Pastor Taiwo at the December 2 Sunday service said that every born-again child of God is capable of renewing his or her mind. According to him, the natural man would always think naturally and act accordingly, but those with the mind of Christ are controlled by the Spirit of God. “Your spirit man is regenerated; the natural man is dead,” he said.
Speaking from Romans 5:17 and Philippians 2:1-5, he noted that the essence of a believer renewing his or her mind is for him or her to rule over the flesh, instead of the flesh ruling over him or her. According to him, a person with the mind of Christ is not controlled by the senses, so he or she is no longer a slave to the desires of the flesh. “If your DNA is still that of Adam, then you will be ruled by your senses and controlled by what the world has to offer,” he said.
He then urged them to always be in tune with the Holy Spirit as it is only then their lives would be meaningful. “A Christian thinks deliberately because he or she is controlled by the Spirit of God. You have the mind of Christ which is sound and comes with every good thing,” he stated.
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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @Thursday Showers
Taking his text from Philippians 2:1-8, Pastor Taiwo at the November 29 Showers service emphasized the need to have the mind of Christ if unity is to be achieved in any aspect of life. Having the mind of Christ, like Jesus demonstrated and acted while on earth, he stated, will prevent us from falling into the danger of pride and its attendant lose, pain and depression.
Identifying the mind as one of the greatest hindrances to achievements in life, Pastor Taiwo stressed the need for it to be renewed through the Word of God and the Holy Spirit as stated in Romans 12:2 so as to live a victorious life. He stated that having the mind of Christ is only possible when believers remain true to their identity in Christ and walk in humility.
He then urged them to watch what they listen to, watch and say as these affect the mind either positively or negatively. “Your meditation and confession will bring about the desired victory, irrespective of challenges,” he said.