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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday Service

“Without the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, you cannot adequately benefit from the love of God.” These were the words of Pastor Taiwo Odukoya at the November 25 family Sunday service. Speaking to the congregation on the need for every believer to be led by the Holy Spirit, Pastor Taiwo explained that the active ingredient in the life of Jesus Christ and any believer is the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit, he pointed out, functions in the life of the believer as Helper, Teacher, Witness, among others.

He therefore urged the church to avoid doing things in their own ability but to trust and let the Holy Spirit do things for and through them. “Jesus never did or said anything without the leading of the Holy Spirit. Let the Holy Spirit and He will recreate, fill and guide you until you become like Jesus,” he said.

Scripture references: Romans 8:13-16; John3:3-6; John 14:16 and Luke 24:49



Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers

 Pastor Taiwo Odukoya at the November 22 Thursday Showers service reminded the worshippers of the importance of positive meditation for accelerated growth in the life of every Christian. Picking his opening text from Joshua 1, he stated that God’s promises to Joshua preceded his journey when his assignment was revealed to him. All he therefore needed to do was to step out and exhibit strength and courage. In the light of this, Pastor Taiwo posited that the attitude required to take possession of what is ours in Christ is strength and courage, attributing David’s bravery against Goliath as understanding his personality in God and his covenant with Him.

Attitude to success or failure in life, he said, depends largely on meditating on what God has said and done, noting that the mouth must constantly be engaged to affirm God’s promises in order to attain success. “Everything created was spoken through and you can speak through any barrier,” he said.

Reading from Philippians 4:4-8, Pastor Taiwo emphasised that the heritage of Christians is to advance in all aspects of life in accordance with their positive meditation, advising them never to allow the devil have the last say.

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