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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday Service

When God talks about His covenant, He talks about His mercies and loving-kindness. So whenever God talks about not breaking His covenant with you, He is saying that He will do what He has said concerning you. These were the words of Pastor Taiwo to the congregation at the January 6 Sunday service which was the first Sunday service in 2019. “When God speaks, something always moves,” he said.

Speaking from Psalm 89:30-35, he said that it is God’s nature of faithfulness to His promise towards His children that will not allow Him withdraw His covenant from them. According to him, even when they sin, He would chastise and restore them, but His covenant with them remains. “God will always do a new thing for you which will lift you higher and improve you,” he noted.

He urged them to trust God to bring to pass His promise to them because He has them in His mind. “His mercies are new every morning. So always expect something new every day as a child of God,” he enjoined.


Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers

The first Thursday Showers in 2019 had the church auditorium filled to capacity and worshippers were anointed for the new things God would do in their lives this year. Pastor Taiwo during his message said that God always deals with His children in a new way—according to His riches. According to him, seeming unpalatable situations are avenues for God to show His power of newness in a believer’s life.

Speaking from Isaiah 43:18-19, he said that focusing on challenges is a quick tool in the hand of the devil to get believers’ attention. This, he said, often hinders believers from noticing God’s miracles of newness in their lives.

He noted that the moment a believer shifts his or her focus from God to his or her challenges, he or she begins to sink. In his words, “No matter how uninteresting the situation may be, the moment you shift focus from God to yourself, you begin to sink. The more you look at yourself, the more self-pity takes over, and the only place that leads to is the pit.”

He therefore urged them to never allow the devil deceive them into believing anything other than the promise of God to them. “Don’t ever allow the devil get your head and attention. Look up to God because He will do a new thing in your life,” he stated.

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