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Pastor Taiwo @Sunday service
Pastor Taiwo while ministering at the June 10 Sunday service said that the moment one becomes born again and is filled with God’s fullness, the supernatural becomes the norm in such a person’s life. That believer therefore also becomes a tool in God’s hand through which miracles can be wrought just like it happened to the Apostles in Acts 5:12 and 19:11. “The supernatural ability of God through the in-filling of the Holy Spirit is available to God’s covenant children. God works His miracles through His children,” he said.
Speaking from Ephesians 3:14-20 and Acts 1:8, Pastor noted that Supernatural Ability is real through the Holy Spirit and when believers are filled, the Spirit takes over everything. This will also help foster unity among them thereby making the miraculous possible. “Once the Holy Spirit comes upon you, even your smiles will witness Jesus and your ability to unify the body of Christ in one accord is heightened,” he said.
He therefore urged the congregation to make the supernatural their lifestyle by knowing the love of God and becoming strengthened in their inner man through the Spirit. “The moment you are filled with the Holy Spirit, the supernatural becomes the natural for you and your life becomes a life of signs and wonders,” he stated.

Pastor Taiwo @Thursday showers
Pastor Taiwo during the June 7 Thursday showers urged believers to have the understanding of who they are in Christ in order to live a victorious live. According to him, signs and wonders are wrought by God through the hands of His children who know their right in Christ, believe and allow Him in their lives. “Signs and wonders will follow you when you believe and allow God in you. The devil is afraid of you but you need to know this by knowing who you are in Christ to be able to live victoriously,” he said.
Speaking from Ephesians 3:20-21, Pastor said that God’s ability to do the miraculous supersedes man’s thought or imagination. That supernatural ability, he said, will always produce in abundance when believers ask, believe and trust God the same way it happened for Apostle Peter and other Apostles in Acts 5:12-15; 19:11; and Luke 5:1-10. “Anything that involves God is different because His ability is far beyond man’s thought. So, don’t allow anyone talk or counsel you out of your identity in Christ. You are His child, the apple of His eye,” he stated.

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