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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday service
As a covenant child of God, you are an embodiment of peace. Your presence alone will usher in peace and joy. When your eyes are flooded with the light of God’s word, everywhere you go, there will be miracles. Therefore every attack against you is a mistake because it will always lead to your exploits. These were the words of Pastor Taiwo at the June 17 Sunday service.
Speaking from Acts 1:1-11, Luke 8:1; 11:20; 9:1-8; and Mark 1:14-15, he said that the kingdom of God brings about the supernatural ability and this, in turn produces peace, healing, provision, deliverance, and the miraculous. Believers therefore ought to seek the kingdom ability first in order to possess the miraculous as advised in Matthew 6:33. “Stay where God has planted you. There is supernatural provision for you there,” he stated.
He therefore implored them to always remember their identity in God by dwelling in His word. This, he said, will make them possess the miraculous, which is their heritage in Christ as well as stand bold to confront and overcome the devil. “You are not just the blessed but the blessing. So anywhere you go, you carry the supernatural ability,” he said.

“Pastor Taiwo @Thursday Service”
In continuation of his message on Supernatural Ability, Pastor Taiwo at the June 14 Thursday showers said that Supernatural Ability is a Kingdom characteristic. According to him, every child of God is a citizen of the kingdom and this removes limitations from them and gives them hope. “You are a citizen of the Kingdom. So everywhere you enter, limitations fear you and there is hope,” he said.
Speaking from Luke 9:1-5; 10:1-8 and Colossians 1:13, he said that God’s call on a believer would attract some confrontations both spiritual and physical but victory is always guaranteed for any child of God who trusts Him completely. According to him, the peace of God will always abide and follow such a believer wherever he or she goes. “You are a covenant child of God, so you carry peace with you wherever you go. That is why when God calls you, depend on Him concerning every area of your life and watch the devil lose the battle over your life,” he stated.
He therefore urged them never to forget that they are citizens of the kingdom and should therefore live in its characteristics which allows them bring heaven on earth.
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