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Pastor Taiwo @Sunday service

The role of a father in the lives of his children is unquantifiable. This was why fathers were specially celebrated during the June 24 Sunday Service of The Fountain of Life Church. Pastor Taiwo in his message for the day said that fatherhood is a major assignment and in that area of assignment, just like other assignments, there will be tests just as Abraham was tested in Genesis 22:1-19. “In everything that God will have you do in your place of assignment, there’ll be a test because God will never commit to an untested vessel,” he said.

Pastor further noted that men need to know and hold on to their anchor so as to be able to fulfil their responsibilities. According to him, there must be a rock that men need to depend on before taking on life so as not to fall victims of the devil’s antics and troubles. “Whenever you think of any overwhelming situation that you can’t handle, you need to always remember the One that has brought you this far,” he said.

Taking a cue from Abraham, pastor urged fathers to be watchful of how they bring up their children. In his words, “It’s natural to be scared of your children’s future. But there’s a pattern of fatherhood in the Bible to follow. You don’t have what it takes to make your children be what you want them to be. Just hand them over back to God and their future will be secured in Jesus name.” ‏



Pastor Taiwo @Thursday showers

‏Pastor Taiwo at the June 21 Thursday showers said that every born again child of God is a recipient of grace and it qualifies them for the much more life of God which enables them to reign in life. “As a covenant child of God, you are the head and not the tail. You are the light of the world and can never be hidden. So, settle it in your mind that you reign in life. Don’t be intimidated by the devil or anything,” he said.

Speaking from Romans 5:17, he noted that this much more life of God is gotten by the Blood of the Lamb. According to him, man became subject to the devil by default through the sin of Adam but God began their restoration into kingship and rulership immediately and perfected it through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. “By the Blood of the Lamb, you’re restored to the place of dominion. Therefore, you reign in life. You are no more a slave to the devil and sin. You are a king on earth,” he stated.

He therefore urged them to know and understand their identity in God as covenant children and begin to live accordingly. “You don’t need permission from anyone to reign. You’ve been created to reign in life. Trials are normal because they come to strengthen you. So, forget the devil and face Jesus, then see how quickly you will soar,” he said.

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