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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday service/ Emerge Conference 2020

Pastor Taiwo, while ministering at the grand finale of the Emerge 2020 Conference, which began the previous Friday at the Fountain of Life Church, said that songs and singing are the very foundation of God’s throne; noting that His throne is founded on worship as recorded in Revelation 4:1-8. “Communication in heaven is by singing and every aspect of heaven is a song,” he said.

Dwelling on the theme of the conference, Songs of New Seasons, Pastor further said that when God puts a song in a person’s mouth, then that song remains. He cited David in Psalm 40:3 as an example to say that when God is involved in your worship, it steps you away from the flesh. “When you sing, God Himself gets enthroned because you’ve surrendered to Him and asked Him to take charge. The devil cannot stand you. It’s time for you to sing,” he said.

Also speaking from Isaiah 6:1-3, Zephaniah 3:17, 1 Chronicles, he said that believers are created to sing to God. In his words, “you inspire God by singing. Everything God created, He created to sing His glory.”

A new song, according to Pastor Taiwo, is an outburst of a joyful expression; signifies a new beginning; positions for the good fight of faith; unleashes supernatural creativity, new ideas and new innovations. “When the Creator indwells in your worship, you have creative ideas. He will show you how to break chains and barriers without even lifting a finger,” he noted.

He therefore urged the congregation from Psalm 22:3 to never allow any other form of songs in their mouths except the praises of our God. This, he said, would attract the miraculous to their lives. “Stop singing other songs. Sing a new song of praise to the Lord. People will see the effects of the songs – the miracles that follow when God steps in,” he urged.







Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday showers

Pastor Taiwo told his online viewers at the September 10 Thursday showers that believers should not allow the seeming negative circumstances of life determine their attitude and songs to God; noting that a bad season in a believer’s life doesn’t negate the faithfulness, loving-kindness and goodness of God. “No matter the situation, you ought to always remember the wonders of God and His faithfulness and then begin to sing a song that show forth His glory,” he said.

Speaking from Psalm 77:1-10, Romans 12:2 and Ephesians 2:1-2, pastor said that when believers begin to allow the mindset of the world dictate their reactions, actions and attitude, they would definitely be swept by the experiences of the world. This, he noted would not make them see the reason to praise God, even in bad times.

In his words, “You can be different and not conform to the ways of the world of complaining and murmuring. Be transformed in your thought and change your song. Rather than continuously meditate over your problems, start to meditate on the goodness of God to you in the past. When you think differently from the world, you will act differently. Then your song will change for the good.”

He then urged his listeners to always renew their minds in God’s word so as to end well. “If you don’t change your mindset and hold on to the new value of Christ, you would be swept by the tides of the world and go the same way with everybody,” he admonished.

The full messages are available on CDs and DVDs at The Fountain of Life Church Digital Media Store.