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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday service

In his message at the September 6 Sunday service, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, reading from the theme scripture for the Month, Daniel 11:32b, said that men who look for flattery are setting themselves up for a fall. As the Bible puts it, doing wickedly against the covenant is tantamount to heresy and is for those who position themselves for all types of corruption. King Herod’s death was given as an example of flattery from men.

Pastor Taiwo reminded the sparse congregation and viewers that we were created to live a life of great exploits.

In Acts 9:1-16, Pastor Taiwo showed an example of how the presence of the Holy Spirit can allow us do exploits. Pastor Taiwo further explained that the Bible verse showed us different experiences of Exploits. He added that, there were four sets of people recognised and they were the 12 men, Paul, the unbelievers (Jews) and the Iterant Jewish exorcists.

Such was the power that was experienced, that a whole continent came into the knowledge of God. (Acts 19:10). Pastor Taiwo added that the tremendous exploits performed by Daniel in the Old Testament means that we, now living in the New Testament should aim much higher, as we’re under a newer covenant.

In conclusion, Pastor Taiwo reminded believers that if they’re in Christ Jesus, they are created for exploits and that their root will remain grounded in Christ Jesus.

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Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday showers

Speaking from the book of Daniel 11:32b, Pastor Taiwo at the September 3 Thursday showers said that believers would do great exploits and fulfill their purpose if they know their God; noting that not even the devil’s antics can stop them. According to Pastor, doing exploits is a product of strength which comes from knowledge. This knowledge, he noted, comes from a covenant relationship with God.

Making reference to Moses in Exodus 33:12 and David in 2 Samuel 7:20, he further said that that it takes covenant knowledge to be strong enough to stop the rampaging forces of evil here on earth just as Daniel faced kings, stopped the mouth of lions and rose up against authority and David was able to face the Goliath.

He therefore urged every believer to seek to know God more and develop an intimate relationship with Him. That, he said, is when they would be able to do exploits.

Other scriptural references he quoted include: Mathew 11:28, Psalms 27:1, Psalms 23, Colossians 2:10, Ephesians 1:3-4, Acts 19:1-12 and Philippians 3:10.