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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday service

Pastor Taiwo at the September 20 Sunday service further reminded the congregation from Isaiah 45: 1-4 that since God has chosen them, then they have become His children. According to him, God chose them, not by works of righteousness but by His grace.  “When God calls you, it is for a purpose because He has something that He wants you to accomplish,” he said.

He urged the church to rise up and begin to see the manifestation of what God has called them to be by walking in the consciousness of the fact that they have been chosen and anointed by God, adding that the devil can only hold them down if they lack the knowledge of who God has called them to be.

Citing Isaiah 41:10, Pastor Taiwo further stated that not only did God choose them, He went further and demonstrated His love for them by holding them with His righteous right hand which is symbolic of His power and might.

In closing, Pastor Taiwo urged the congregation to remain in their place of assignment where God has called them to be as God does not call anyone and leave them for broke; God will always ensure that He equips and provides for the assignment that he has set out for them.

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Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday showers

While admonishing the online participants at the September 17 Thursday showers from Isaiah 45:1-4, John 15:16 and Romans 10, Pastor Taiwo said that God uses people to accomplish any assignment or exploit on earth. According to him, God is in the habit of choosing someone to accomplish any assignment He wants to accomplish on earth, noting that He does that based on His sovereignty. “God can use anybody. He just has to have something to be done,” he said.

Pastor Taiwo further said that the anointing of God on a man is for generational purposes, noting that the knowledge of one’s identity in Him would give such a person access to success. In his words, “When God chooses, He does so for a particular purpose. When He calls, He backs up. So, be in the place of your assignment to receive God’s anointing.”

He also told his listeners that the enablement of God is on whoever He chooses and such a person will prosper once they begin to fulfil the purpose for which the Lord has chosen them. “If you are a child of God, you are anointed; but you need to know that you are anointed, then the lines will fall for you in pleasant places. You will succeed and prosper,” he said.

He therefore urged them to understand that they are covenant children of God and to begin to walk therein. “Just make sure you are in the place of your assignment. Then you will see the glory of the Lord and no man shall be able to withstand you,” he said