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Pastor Taiwo @Sunday Service
In continuation of his message on the theme of the year Open Doors, Pastor Taiwo at the January 15 Sunday service said that the beginning of victory for any believer is the knowledge and assurance of God’s love for him or her. This knowledge, he said, will make such a believer walk through every open door and rely on God’s strength for great

Speaking from Revelation 3:7-10, Romans 5:1-2 and Isaiah 45:1, he said that the finished work of Jesus Christ on Calvary permanently opened the door of access to those who would come to Him. And this open door, he said, can be accessed by faith. “Christianity itself is access to God. It makes you a child of God and open doors, so move through those doors,” he stated.
He urged believers to hold God by His Word and walk through the doors He has opened to them because the year is already fruitful. “This is your year of ruthless breakthroughs and unusual possibilities; but you have to access it by faith,” he said.
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Pastor Taiwo @Thursday Showers
The second Thursday Showers service this year was just as powerful as the first as worshippers trooped into the new church auditorium for awesome and unrestrained praise to God.
Pastor Taiwo, continuing his message on the theme of the year Open Doors with the scripture in Revelation 3:7-9, dwelt particularly on verse 8. He stated that God knows everything about us, our capability and all, adding that He created us with a will though some use that same will to deny Him. He emphasised that it is futile to use our will against God.
The knowledge of God in us, he said, enables us to seek Him out for help when we do not know how to carry out the assignment He has given to us. According to him, no matter how small our strength is, God is always there to help us. He noted that as long as we come to Him through Jesus, we will have access to Him.
Pastor Taiwo said further that the access we need to enter the open doors God has promised us this year is available in Christ Jesus.




Dwelling on John 9:39, Pastor Nomthi admonished the congregation at the Thursday Showers service to command, through the Word of faith, every stone stopping them from fulfilling destiny to be rolled away. This, according to her, is because Jesus is our Chief Corner Stone and He is the only stone that should be seen in our lives. Just as Jesus commanded the stone covering the tomb of Lazarus to be rolled away, every believer must be in the habit of commanding any stone hindering his or her progress or breakthrough to be rolled away, she said.