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Pastor Taiwo @Sunday Service
In continuation of his message on activating the mind of Christ, Pastor Taiwo at the February 12 Sunday service said that the realization and activation of the mindset of Christ in all situations will birth supernatural results. According to him, when a believer thinks in line with God’s mindset and approaches life’s issues Jesus’ way, such would get His results. “If you are born again, you have the mind of the Spirit and the capacity to think like Jesus, but it is left for you to charge it from time to time,” he said.
Dwelling on Revelation 3:7-10 and Matthew 16:5-11, he said that God’s show of love to His obedient and loyal children results in open doors. God, he said, will not force anyone on how to think, but when one chooses to apply the mindset of Christ, then there would be amazing results. “If Jesus has said it, then it is settled. Just believe it and flow with it without getting distracted by societal distractions,” he said.
He then urged all to always activate the mind of Christ in all situations and circumstances because that is what will give them the positive mindset to tackle any negative ones and be victorious. “When you begin to reason like Jesus, you will walk in supernatural dimension,” he said.
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Pastor Taiwo @Thursday Showers
Every born-again Christian has the mind of God and has been given the capacity to think like Christ. Therefore such ought to be living and thinking like Christ did while on earth. And it is this mindset of Christ that makes such see the already opened door before them and walk through it. Pastor Taiwo said this at the February 9 Thursday Showers service. “People are often categorized according what influences their minds,” he said.
Dwelling on 1 Corinthians 2:14-16 and Revelation 3:7-9, he said that the mind of man is influenced by either the Word or the world, and whichever rules such a mind determines what that life would become. When one walks according to Christ’s mindset, he said, one would produce great and supernatural results. “This mindset will make you receive from God as it will usually drive you to your victory,” he stated.
He urged believers not to doubt the Word of God but believe and hold on to it in the journey of life because that is where their mindset would be activated and strengthened to think like Christ and do great exploits.



In what she titled “The Drought Ends”, Pastor Nomthi at the February 9 Thursday Showers service said that God’s supernatural strength on someone accounts for the ability to do great exploits. Using the account of Prophet Elijah outrunning King Ahab in 1 Kings 18:41-46 as an illustration, she said that God’s hands will always be upon any believer who is going in the direction of the divine. “As long as you are going according to God’s leading, He will lead you to your destination,” she stated.
She encouraged that no child of God should just sit down, waiting idly for the hand of God. According to her, God will usually do His part, but His children should also do their part just as Elijah did by pulling his cloak by himself in order to avoid any obstruction to running smoothly. “Sometimes, we sabotage ourselves when we take things for granted even after God has told us what to do. But as long as He has not told you to stop, you have to keep going,” she said.







Declaring the promise for the week from Psalm 41:11, Pastor Nomthi said that no demonic power can be effective on any true child of God. “Because you are His child, the devil who is your enemy cannot triumph over you; in Christ you are victorious, you are a conqueror,” she said.
According to her, the reason this is so is because the Spirit of God is in and on His children and is always on standby to raise a standard against any evil power against such children. “Whatever the enemy throws at you will miss you and the more the enemy comes, the more the Holy Spirit will stand against him. So rejoice because the Father takes care of you; you are safe in His arms,” she stated.