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Pastor Nomthi at the April 15 Sunday service said that the performance of God’s words in the lives of believers always comes when there is belief in their hearts, just as Mary believed the word of God concerning the immaculate conception and it manifested. She said this while admonishing them from Luke 1:45, which is the promise for the week. “When God gives you a promise, He expects you to believe it; then there will be a performance,” she said.

She noted that no matter how many promises of God one has, it will be difficult to activate them if there is doubt in one’s heart. She therefore urged all never to allow a vacuum in their lives by doubting God’s word. “Believe in the word of God and there will be a performance because His mouth has spoken it,” she charged.


Pastor Nomthi Odukoya @Thursday Showers

Pastor Nomthi Odukoya at the April 12 Thursday Showers service, which was the fifth day of the Word Explosion Conference, stated that the devil works to draw believers away from God so as to achieve his wicked aim, but if such believers can stand their ground and continually confess God’s promises to them, they will surely overcome. “When you remember God’s promises and confess them, you are going back to your rightful place, which is the heavenly places,” she said.

Speaking from 2 Kings 18, she said that when a covenant child of God stands firm on the promises of God irrespective of his or her situation, such will not be put to shame because God cannot and will never fail him or her. According to Pastor Nomthi, God is a covenant keeping God who works with those who stand their ground and cooperate with Him. When such believers then seem to be in troubles, she said, God comes through for them.

She then urged all not to give in to the devil’s pressure but to stand on God’s promises no matter what happens. “God is not forgetful of His promise to you; when He comes through for you, it would be glaring to everyone that He has done some shopping for you. So don’t rush, stand your ground,” she said.