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Admonishing the congregation at the April 8 Sunday service from Zephaniah 3:16-17, which is the promise for the week, Pastor Nomthi said that believers should never allow fear disrupt God’s promise in their lives. According to her, the mighty One, who has promised them, is always near to save and rejoice over them with singing. “In the areas where the devil has made you cry, the Lord will rejoice over you with gladness,” she said.

She noted that God will always comfort and soothe his children when they are hurting. God, she said, is a loving God and is always ready to show His children His love. She therefore urged them not to reject God’s love by accepting the devil’s instigated fear. “Instead of tears, God will rejoice over you with gladness. So thank Him for His promises for you,” she stated.


Pastor Nomthi at the Thursday Showers service of April 5 assured worshippers of God’s safety whenever the enemy tries to harm them, just as Rahab was divinely positioned to hide the Israelites sent to spy out the land of Jericho against the terror of the king as recorded in Joshua 2:2-19. “Don’t be afraid of the enemy when he is looking for you. He cannot see you to harm because you are protected under God’s wings,” she noted.
The woman of God reminded believers that the devil is always scared of God’s children, so he would always go after them; but they need not to be afraid because the blood of Jesus Christ always avails for them. In her words, “The devil will always go in the opposite direction, pursuing children of God, but he will not find you in Jesus name. God will hide you under his mighty wings and even when the devil keeps running around looking for you, stay put where God has positioned you.”
She then assured believers of God’s help in areas they need help even as they allow Him use them to help others, just as Rahab received help in return from the spies when they came to destroy the land of Jericho.