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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Sunday service

Pastor Odukoya, while ministering at the May 16 Sunday service told both the on-site and online congregation that God cannot be boxed or controlled and when He visits one, there’s always the miraculous.
Speaking from Psalm 8:1-4 and Psalm 126:1-3, he said that God has a way of bringing goodness out from unexpected places. “When God visits, something changes. He never stopped visiting but if you can discern His visitation, something great happens,” he said.
The clergy admitted the challenges of the nation but was quick to urge members not to forget their identity in Christ; noting that this seeming challenging time in the country is an opportunity for a divine visitation for believers.
Citing examples from Genesis 3:1- 8 and Genesis 50:23-25, Exodus 3:16, 1 Samuel 2:21, Isaiah 10:12; Jeremiah 23:2, and Genesis 39:4, the clergy said that God has always desired and it is in His character to visit man. However, the state of man’s heart will determine if God’s visitation would yield great result or not. “When God visits you, it’s to do you good. He will change your situation, every barrenness gives way and chains broken and destroys those who are trying to destroy you,” he said.
The clergy, before ending his sermon with prophetic declaration on members, urged them to be in tune and in line with the Spirit of God. “There is a divine visitation for you,” he declared.


Pastor Tosin Sowemimo @ Thursday showers

Pastor Tosin Sowemimo has reminded all believers through her ministration at the May 13 Thursday showers that God is good and love and this positively affects the way He reacts to them. According to her, God’s demonstration of His love to man as recorded in Romans 5:8, is Jesus’ work of Salvation on the cross of Calvary.
The clergy however started her ministration with words of encouragement from Philippians 4:6 of how believers should not give in to fear, anxiety and depression but to always trust God for His faithfulness, noting that fear and anxiety will not only cause further problems but also will not bring solutions.
“Be anxious for nothing. The desire of our Father is that we live a life of peace. No matter what happens or what is coming, He has seen it and will take care of it. Train yourself never to be anxious or fearful because there is nothing bigger than our God,” she said
Speaking from Jeremiah 31:3, John 15:13, 1 John 4:10, and 1 John 3:1, she said that God’s love towards His children is everlasting; stressing that there are no ifs or buts with God’s love to His children. “There is no greater love than the love of our God,” she noted.
She therefore urged them to never forget that they are loved by God; noting that this should guide them to not live in fear or anxiety. “Let this be the bedrock of your life; that you are loved by a God who is unapologetic about that love. Every expression of Him towards you in definition is love,” she urged.