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Pastor Nomthi Urges Women @ Mother’s Day Celebration

A beautiful sight of colourfully clothed women heralded the reality that May 9 Sunday service was not an ordinary one. It was special service dedicated to the celebration of Mother’s Day – A yearly event that holds with high esteem in the Fountain of Life Church.
Songs of worship and adoration set the mood for what ultimately turned out to be a novelty in Sunday Services in the Church even as the leadership took out time to specially appreciate the wife of the Senior Pastor, Nomthi Odukoya for her exemplary life and commitment to the vision of the Ministry.
While kick starting the whole journey that turned out to be eventful, eye opening, and empowering; Pastor Nomthi took her anchor Scripture from 1 Samuel 1;1 – 7, 18.
She detailed the realities of the home of Priest Elkanah, his wives Hannah and Penninah. Espousing on challenges faced by women waiting on the Lord for the fruit of the womb, she pointed out that it is always imperative to keep the right attitude with faith. Comparing the status of Hannah in verse seven of that Scripture with her change in verse 18, she encouraged each woman waiting on God to cheer up and hold fast to the promises of answers.
In furtherance of her message, Pastor Nomthi took a special detour to the sermon when she invited selected members of the church to give their experiences as it concerns waiting on God for the fruit of the womb and marriage. Two couples – The Sodunkes and Njokus were also brought up into a panel to address the challenges of waiting on God for the fruit of the womb and how their journeys became successfully navigated. The wait for the former was slightly above three years but during it, both agreed to stay steadfast, unflinching in the face of suggested self-help and allied temptations. To the glory of God, the family is blessed with two children affirming that with God, nothing shall be impossible.
The Njokus had a waiting period of 13 years culminating in God’s direction for a decision to adopt a child whom they named Asher. A very important takeaway from their story is that there is no mountain insurmountable with true love. Both are committed to the process of parenting with love and dedication even when they are waiting and believing God for their own seed.
Additionally, Brother Abiodun Ogunjobi and Sister Bukola Yomi-Abdul shared their experiences and perspectives as children raised in polygamous homes. While the experiences were varied, the common conclusion is the need for parents to stay together in raising their children in an atmosphere of love, security, and provision. They both attested to the defining role becoming born again Christians played in their lives in becoming what God already ordained.
Funmike, a single lady waiting on God was given the opportunity to address the need for others in same class to be focused and unyielding to the ferocious temptations of bending principles to suit family and societal expectations. She encouraged that each single person must be determined to stay true to the righteous way in arriving at their desired destination admonishing that God will always come through in His time.
In concluding the service, the Senior Pastor of the Church, Taiwo Odukoya challenged men to keep supporting their wives to reach their full potential. He called for responsibility in the areas of marriage and procreation. In his words men always have to ‘’plan so that you don’t keep playing catch up”. Thereafter, he proclaimed blessings on the women declaring that God’s faithfulness would always prevail over their lives.


Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Thursday showers

Speaking about the power of unity among believers, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya at the May 6 Thursday showers said that believers can move any mountain when they agree together and use their power of dominion given to them by God. According to him, when believers come together in faith, declaring anything on earth, it would be granted them by God.
“You are created with dominion here on earth and if in the exercise of your dominion, you come at loggerheads with certain creatures that will not yield, then you can look for somebody that also know that they have dominion and you agree and take authority, it will happen,” he said. Speaking from Matthew 18:15-20, Pastor noted that it is necessary for believers to not allow any bitterness or malice in their heart towards one another if they want their prayers to be answered.
He also noted that selfishness is not to be allowed in the heart of a child of God in asking anything from God; noting that if whatever they are asking from God is not going to bring glory to Him or benefit the society, then it may be difficult to get the answer to such request. In his words, “You will move what nobody can move, easily; more so when it’s in line with the word of God, when it’s in line to be a blessing to humanity and when it is in line to bring glory to God. Not so that you can consume for yourself, No.”
He therefore urged believers to make up their minds to align themselves with God’s word and to be bold to exercise the authority given to them in Christ in fulfilling their purpose on earth. He went ahead to declare: “God is moving on your behalf because you have made up your mind that the rest of your life will bring glory to His name. He won’t allow the devil to get you. He will rally men and women around you. He will surround you with fire and be the glory in your midst. He will be your shield and glory. He will lift you high so that many will see and gravitate towards you.”