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Oluwadamilola Jacobs @ Children’s Sunday First Service

May 27 is a special day all over the world. It is a day set aside to celebrate children. This is why the May 23 Sunday service at The Fountain of Life Church was a special dedication to the children in commemoration of the children’s day.

The service which was anchored by the children’s department of the church was indeed an unusual service.

Giving the message for the day was Oluwadamilola Jacobs. Speaking from Obadiah 1:17, Minister Damilola noted that deliverance is for the house of Jacob, noting that this house of Jacob are the children of God.

According to her, possessing one’s possessions comes either by inheritance or by earning it; noting that God owns everything and by the reason of them belonging to Jesus, they have the right to the inheritance in Christ. “God does not have to die for you to get His inheritance. You already have it because the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead is inside of you,” she said.

Miss Jacobs further cited Psalm 37:25 to tell the congregation that believers have the righteousness of Christ in them, so they cannot be forsaken. “You will never beg because you are the righteousness of God; you are the child of the King of kings,” she noted.

She then urged the congregation to rise up and not allow anything from the devil to stop them from possessing their possessions. “By divine arrangement, you are on the throne with Christ Jesus; so you have possession of everything that comes along with being on the throne,” she admonished.

Oreofeoluwakitan Banjoko @ Children’s Sunday Second Service

The second service was not different from the first service as the minister, Oreofeoluwakitan Banjoko spoke on the same theme on Possessing Your Possession. Taking his opening scripture from the Book of Ephesians 1:11, he noted that the believers’ inheritance was already set long before they were even born. He also stressed that the Holy Spirit is the seal/guarantee that this inheritance is ours and nothing or no one can contest it.

Reading Obadiah 1:17, Minister Banjoko went ahead to explain the steps one needs to take in order to possess their possession:

The first step is accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. “It is said when we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour we are delivered. So without accepting Jesus, you are still in bondage and held down from taking what is rightfully your,” he said.

The second step is deliverance, followed by living a life of holiness. He explained that the process is one that must be followed accordingly, saying “You can’t jump the process. You have to go through the Spirit.”

He went on to explain that living a life of holiness is like living like Jesus Christ and the only way to live like Him is by:

  1. Doing away with works of the flesh (Galatians 5:19-21). These things will hinder one from attaining your inheritance. He however pointed out that by the help pf the Holy Spirit, we can exhibit the fruit of the Spirit which is what is needed to living a holy life. (Galatians 5:22-23)
  2. Studying the Bible is also important to living like Jesus. (Joshua 1:8) “No matter the problem you have in life, the solution is in the Word of God,” Oreofeoluwakitan Banjoko said.
  3. Being Prayerful. “Prayer is a key ingredient to possessing your possession. In everything you do, you need to pray,” he said, encouraging believers that through prayers, they are immovable in God. (I Corinthians 4:9; Ephesians 6:10)

Banjoko reminded the congregation that they have not been promised a stress-free life but there is an assurance that they will come out unscathed. “On your way to possessing your possessions, God didn’t say there won’t be traffic or accidents; but He has assured that nothing will affect you,” he said.



Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Thursday Showers

Addressing the worshippers at the May 20 Thursday showers from Mark 5: 25-30, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya said that situations would always get to a point of change no matter how terrible such a situation may seem, just as the woman with the issue of blood received her healing when she met Jesus despite the troubles she had gone through for twelve years.

The clergy also cited Mark 11:23-24, Romans 10:8-10, and Hebrews 10:23 to note that believers have a part of positive declaration to play in getting their solutions. “The twelve years torture wound up the moment the woman with the issue of blood started declaring her healing. She said it and she got. This is the underlying principles of the kingdom. What makes you think you are going to get anything if you don’t say it?”

Assuring them that God is faithful to complete whatever He has started in their lives, the senior pastor said that believers need to hold firmly to this truth and boldly declare God’s words into their situation. In his words, “Anything that will stand between you and your calling on earth is a mountain. Your future is not in the hands of any devil, any witch or wizard or those that don’t like you, it is in what you say; in your heart, in your mouth- in your faith.”

He therefore urged them not to be afraid of whatever threat of the devil but to stand and with faith, command whatever mountain is before them to move. He said, “Refuse to be distracted, hold on. The One who promised you is faithful. Let no circumstance, group of people define your future, the Bible already declared who you are, the Bible never lies. It is up to you to declare with your mouth.”