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Pastor Akin Osinbajo @ Sunday first service

While ministering at the August 8 Sunday first service, Pastor Akin Osinbajo stated that Christians ought to make a positive difference and impact in whatever environment they find themselves in. He stated this, adding that orderliness is a path to possessing their possessions. Describing orderliness as being well behaved, law-abiding, disciplined, neat and tidy, the clergy said that every Christian ought to manifest an orderly spirit. “There can only be holiness if there is orderliness. God manifests best in an atmosphere of orderliness. His glory is best seen where there is order,” he said.
Using the scripture from the Book of Titus 2: 1- 19, Pastor Osinbajo urged the congregation to reflect on their lives and imbibe godly values in their relationships in the home and workplace adding that ‘the way you are today is the way you are perceived.’
Pastor Osinbajo further used the account of creation in the Bible where God brought order to a formless dark atmosphere to emphasize that orderliness is a virtue that God represents and desires from His children. “Disorderliness creates an atmosphere for the devil to operate as the devil thrives in chaos, where it is easy for him to sneak in unnoticed,” he stated.
In closing his message, the clergy reemphasized orderliness as being the route for Christians to possess peace, joy, health, jobs, and their various ministries. He, therefore, urged the congregation to always strive for excellence and abhor sloppiness, bad behaviour, and disorderliness. “Make a conscious effort to be known for having the spirit of excellence. Constantly uphold and demonstrate godly principles like time consciousness, integrity, the Christian etiquette of speech seasoned with grace, high moral standards, personal hygiene and honouring those older than you,” he admonished.


Pastor Femi Megbope @ Second service

Using the encounter of the young man who came to Jesus to make an enquiry on how to make heaven recorded in Mark 10:18-27, Pastor Femi Megbope shared insights on how to overcome self and embrace God’s instruction for a fulfilled life. He gave this admonition at the August 8 Sunday second service. He likened the word of God to a mirror reflecting who we are in Christ and who we choose to be.
According to him, everything self will not allow one get the important thing which is a good future. This is why, according to him, a believer must always see himself or herself from the word of God. “The Word of God can be likened to a mirror which shows us how we look right now and gives us instructions regarding the changes we should make so we can be more like the picture that God has for us. Should we not make the changes, the blessing due to us may elude us.”
Reading from James 1:23-25, the clergy noted that “self” makes one reject counsel, boast in one’s achievement and never allow them to acknowledge the grace of God over their lives and achievements. This, he said, would finally lead to the destruction of such a believer who allows ‘self’ to take over his or her life. According to him, “Self wants you to take the praise and glory. If it is by your boasting, then you have missed it. We are who we are by the grace of God, so don’t let your blessing be an oppressing factor in the life of others.”
The man of God further used the account of Lucifer’s fall recorded in 2 Chronicles 25:24; 26:14-16, Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28 to admonish the congregation that ‘self’ always seeks its own, protects itself, thereby making whoever possesses it lie and steal for self-preservation; noting all of these still ends in sorrow and destruction if one doesn’t overcome it.
He, therefore, urged them to place priority on God’s word in their heart as this will help them mortify the works of the flesh. “We can’t serve God or come to Him on our own terms. We come to Him knowing that we must believe that He is and that He is superior to us because God sees beyond what man can put up, He sees straight into our hearts,” he noted.


Pastor Gbenga Onabanjo @ Thursday showers

Pastor Gbenga Onabanjo has urged believers not to be downcast during trials but look up to God and His promises. He made the call during the August 5 Thursday Showers held at The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC) headquarters in Lagos State.
Pastor Onabanjo took his reading from Habakkuk 3:17 to remind the worshippers that God will never back down on His vows to them. “When nothing makes sense and when trouble seems to be more than you can bear, just remember one thing; God gives strength. Take your eyes off those difficulties. Take your eyes off those challenges,” the preacher said.
He further admonished his listeners to, “Look up unto God who is the author and finisher of your faith. Look unto God who knows the beginning from the ending. Look unto God who has you inscribed in the palms of His hands. Look unto God who has made you beautiful; who has made you wonderful. He has your interest at heart. Don’t be moved by what you see as a believer; be moved by what the word of God says.”
Citing the four lepers at the Gate of Samaria, who were never weighed down by their conditions but went ahead to be a tool of the solution to the Nation’s challenge recorded in 2 Kings 7:3-20 as examples; the clergy likened Christians’ trials to exams which they need to pass to strengthen their faith. “No matter where we find ourselves, let us be rich in faith,” he told the congregation.