Pastor Moji Awokoya @ Sunday First Service

Pastor Moji Awokoya exhorted the congregation at the August 1 Sunday first service to take each scripture and review such in the light of what Jesus did on the Cross of Calvary. According to her, understanding who a particular scripture is addressed to would improve believers’ understanding and enable them to live the fullness of life.
Using 2 Timothy 2:5 and 3:16 as her main scripture, she called the attention of the congregation in underscoring the truth that all scriptures are inspired by the Spirit of God. She mentioned that the Bible essentially address three classes of people. These are the Jew, Gentiles, and the Church. Citing 1 Corinthians 10:32, she restated the importance of knowing which group each scripture being studied addresses.
Teaching extensively from Ephesians 2: 1 – 13, she explained the different dispensations highlighted in the passage. Calling attention to the past, the present and the age yet to come, she espoused that ours is the present and essentially the dispensation of grace.
Recalling the experience of Paul, the Apostle, she brought to the fore the teachings of grace that were not easily understood even by the disciples during the time of the Lord. She argued that it was the Father’s decision to keep it that way so that His plan for the salvation of mankind would come to completion. She referenced Mark 9: 31 – 32 and 2 Corinthians 2: 7-8 to provide scriptural insight into the statements.
While concluding her message, she mentioned that the dispensation of the Church commenced with the experience of Paul, the Apostle on his way to Damascus in continuation of his persecution of Christians. She encouraged that focusing on the Epistles from Romans to Philemon will aid tremendously in putting proper perspectives to our lives as Christians. She admonished that the first thing to do in preparing for the next dispensation is to be saved and in tune with the plans of God.


Pastor Mary Fayemi @ Sunday second Service

Pastor Mary Fayemi, while exhorting the congregation at the August 1 Sunday second service from Psalm 125:1-3, explained the difference between the rod of wicked and other rods.
According to her, while the shepherd’s rod is used to direct and guide the sheep; the rod of Moses was used by God to wrought miracles; the rod of correction is used to discipline erring children, while the rod of the wicked is the rod of affliction and oppression used to exercise authority to inflict unjust treatment through wicked plans, thoughts and attacks into and upon an individual’s area of interest.
The clergy also stated that such a wicked rod should not be the order of the day, maintain a permanent space or be in control in one’s affair, life or destiny, territory and possession
She added, “The rod of the wicked inconveniences, delays or slows one down and makes one uncomfortable. If you want to possess your possessions, you need to therefore confront the enemy and take back every area of your life from the hold of the enemy. This is when you will be able to deliver your family, neighbourhood, state and the nation.”
Pastor Mary further stated that the rod of wickedness is different from light afflictions; noting that even the light afflictions should not remain for so long with believers because the Lord delivers the righteous from their many afflictions just as the scripture says.
She, therefore, urged believers from Obadiah 1:17 and John 10:10 to stand up and take back their possessions; stating that they need to watch out for repeated negative patterns in the family and attacks from the devil. “The only enemy you have is the devil. So, don’t be too conscious of what the enemy can do that you forget what your God can do. You are the seed of the Lion of the tribe of Judah. Be conscious of your right and take your possessions back,” she said.


Pastor Babatunde Ladipo @ Thursday showers

While speaking from Matthew 6:25-33 and Jeremiah 29:13, Pastor Babatunde Ladipo told the congregation at the July 29 Thursday showers service that Christians, who desire additions from God over any issue of life, ought to first prioritize seeking God’s Kingdom and His righteousness. “Seek partnership to add to the Kingdom of God, then all other things shall be added unto you,” he said.
He further noted, “You must dwell in His word, recognize His will, words and ways. Make sure you are a man or woman of His presence and of the word. This will make you understand His ways, will and voice. Then, additions would be your portion.”
Also citing Acts 5:15; 11:24 and Revelation 22:18 as references, the clergy said that God is a God of addition who always adds to His church irrespective of man’s efforts; noting that no man has what it takes to increase. “If you want God to add to your heart’s desires, seek first God’s heavenly influences, will, government, rulership and dominion,” he stated.
Pastor Babatunde further added that being born again and having access to the Kingdom of God is the first addition to any believer’s life. Such a believer, according to the clergy, ought to then seek the growth of that Kingdom which is a guarantee of additions that would be made to the believer.
In his words, “The first addition to the Kingdom is you, else you wouldn’t have any covenant right to demand anything from God. You now need to take the next step, which is, to seek to grow God’s Kingdom. Once you are determined to do this, then you qualify for God’s addition.”