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Pastor Rotimi Okpaise @ Sunday First Service

Our mandate is to live a life that would make people see the beauty of Jesus in our lives. These were the words of Pastor Rotimi Okpaise to the congregation of The Fountain of Life Church during the Sunday, August 13, first service.

Taking his opening scripture from 1 John 4:7-11, the clergy noted that the key characteristic of Jesus Christ is love and every born again Christian should aim in manifesting the same. He went on to encourage believers to be willing to sacrifice their time, energy and substance to hear out others, provide for each other solutions or ideas without thinking of their personal gain. “The key characteristic of Jesus Christ is love and we want that to be seen in us,” he said.

Defining love as the Agape, undefeatable benevolence that seeks the highest good of others no matter what they do, the man of God went on to tell the worshippers that they need to exhibit this kind of love if they truly are Christ-like. “If anything is going to guarantee you that you will fulfil God’s purpose for your life, it is love. This is the bond of perfection.”

Also making reference to 2 Peter 1:4-7, the clergy noted that the life of a Christian can be likened to a seven-storey building with faith being the foundation and love being the roof and “A house without a roof is not habitable- love is a must-have; it is not negotiable,” he said.

In concluding the message, Pastor Rotimi Okpaise reminded his listeners that without love, there is no Christian life, urging them to make a commitment to have love in their lives like this, he said will lead them into the purpose of God for their lives.

Other scripture references to this message include: Galatians 5:22; Luke 6:47-48; 1 Corinthians 13:1-9; Colossians 3:12-14; Hebrews 4:16; Romans 5:1-5


Pastor Femi Odumabo @ Sunday second service

Pastor Femi Odumabo while speaking to the congregation at the August 15 Sunday second service from Ephesians 1:17-18 and Ephesians 4:18 noted that believers need their eyes of understanding to be opened so as to avoid calamities, fallings and all forms of negative occurrences that happen to anyone whose eyes of understanding is darkened.

According to him, one’s eyes of understanding may be darkened or enlightened; noting that the eyes of believers become enlightened when they believe what God speaks to them which is always to be strong and courageous. In his words, “When people are in despair, they lose their strength and courage. But at all times, we must be strong and be courageous as believers. So, be strong and courageous.

Pastor Odumagbo further used the account of God’s words of encouragement to Joshua as recorded in Joshua 1:1-8 to say that God’s words to believers are always an instruction which if believers can hold unto, will not regret.

Setting priorities right, according to the man of God, is vital to believers if they desire to be prosperous and have good success. “Reading the Bible is one thing, chewing and meditating on it is another thing. So as you read the Bible, you need to meditate so that you can know what God is talking about,” he said.

The clergy also spoke from Nehemiah 9:19-20 to state that believers also need to be strong to take up challenges because God is looking for the big stuff. In his words, “Any time God wants to give us anything, He doesn’t force-feed us, He will put it by our reach so that we can take up the action to go take them. So you have to stretch to get it. We sometimes don’t get our miracles because we don’t stretch to take what God has already provided for us. So you must learn to stretch.”

He, therefore, urged believers to not just live on the surface but to get deeper with God, noting that laziness should not be allowed in their lives.


Pastor Kayode Ebenezer @ Thursday Showers

Pastor Ebenezer Kayode at the August 12 Showers Service taught briefly what he termed Spiritual Formation. According to him, the baptism of the Holy Spirit does not begin and end with speaking in diverse tongues but ushers in diverse gifts such as wisdom, vision, knowledge, as well as giving believers the power to conquer sin and death.

Reading from Acts 1:6-8, the clergy pointed out that the main reason why many still struggle with their easily besetting sin is by not allowing the Holy Spirit to take over. Stating further that the Holy Spirit gives insight into life and productivity, Pastor Kayode said that believers can be impacted with solution-driven ideas to shine as light in the midst of darkness.

Narrating the story of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples recorded in John 13:1-17, the man of God hinted that believers’ service is ultimate unto God in worship and unto men as service; noting that the Holy Spirit helps believers to achieve this. “Holy Spirit grants grace for service and regards our obedience above all,” he said.

Pastor Kayode in closing admonished believers above all to remain in Christ as it is dangerous to have all these gifting and Christ is not present in our lives. In his words, “The Holy Spirit can leave the life of a man with the gift still intact. The best test to know if we are still in the Spirit is by the fruits we exhibit as recorded in Galatians 5:22-23.”