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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Sunday service
In continuation of his series on God’s Presence, Pastor Taiwo at the January 20 Sunday service said that God’s covenant is permanent and believers can fully maximize it when they personalise it. “The work has been done already; all that is left is for you as a child of GOD is to believe and act in faith,” he said.
Speaking from the Book of Psalms 89:33-35; 23:1-6 and 27:1-5, he explained the grave implications of falling out with GOD to the extent of giving up on the realities and veracity of His covenant. According to him, having the consciousness of God’s presence and carrying it with them daily is a great advantage to a believer. This, he noted, was King David’s understanding, thus his request in Psalm 51:11.
Pastor went ahead to admonished the congregation never to depart from the presence of God because it guarantees peace and rest. “Let His rest define your rest,” he urged.

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Thursday showers
Pastor Taiwo while speaking from Psalm 8 during the January 17 Thursday showers stated that creation will always work for those believers who are aware and live consciously of the crown and honour God has made available for them.
According to him, having the understanding of one’s identity in Christ makes life easier for anyone. Demanding for recognition or authority, Pastor said, is a sign of ignorance of one’s possession and right. “If you know who you are, all you have to do is walk in your office and things will begin to fall for you in pleasant places,” he noted.
Making reference from the Book of Exodus 33:13-16, he urged believers to ensure that they always remain in the presence of God as this is what brings about His glory in their lives. “His glory will always manifest anywhere His presence is. So when He goes with you, His presence will be visible,” he said.
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