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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday Service

Pastor Taiwo told the congregation at the January 13 Sunday service that for believers to activate the new thing promised by God, they need to forget the past. According to him, dwelling on the past will hinder a child of God from receiving what He has for them. “God will do a new thing for you, but one thing that can disturb that is the memory of the former things,” he said.

Speaking from Isaiah 43:18-19, he said that God is too faithful to lie or break His covenant with His children, noting that He will surely bring to pass whatever He has promised them. He stated however that having an expectant heart and forgetting the past victories and failures are the right attitudes to activating those blessings.

He then implored them from Hebrews 11:3 to constantly confess the word of God as that stirs up faith in them, preparing their hearts for the miraculous. “Renew your mind constantly with the word; that is what brings about your change of attitude and transformation. Don’t truncate your transformation,” he urged.

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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Thursday Showers

Pastor Taiwo at the January 10 Thursday Showers service said that God’s presence should always be the desire of every child of God. According to him, no matter how fierce the pressure of life is, believers should never forget or leave the presence of God. “You need the presence of the Lord more than anything else in life,” he stated.

Speaking from 2 Chronicles 20:9 and Psalm 23, Pastor Taiwo said that the presence of the enemies should not prevent a believer from enjoying the blessings God earmarked for him or her. “Even when the enemies make themselves visible, you have a choice either to fret or seek where the table prepared for you by the Lord is,” he said.

He emphasised that the attitude of every believer in the face of adversity should be that of victory. This, he noted, can be achieved by claiming every promise God has made to them, especially in God’s word.

He therefore urged them to invest more time in His presence. “Your quest in 2019 should be for God’s presence, like Moses, David and Jesus did,” he said.