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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya@ Sunday Service
Pastor Taiwo at the January 27 Sunday service said that the glory of God takes away shame, brings the dead to life and consumes every contrary thing whenever and wherever it appears. According to him, God loves to manifest His glory to His own through His presence and the miraculous. “When God appears, He seizes every creature’s attention,” he stated.
Speaking from John 11:38-44, he said that faith is required to see and experience the glory of God. According to him, any believer who desires to experience the glory of God needs to roll away every stone of doubt from his or her life. “If you would believe, you would see the salvation of God,” he said, noting that accepting and holding on to Jesus Christ is the only way to see and experience the glory of God.
He therefore urged believers to always be conscious of the glory of God in and on them. This, he said, gives them dominion on earth. “Jesus didn’t just come to save you to go to heaven but to get you to walk on earth in full dominion which was God’s intention from creation for you,” he said.

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Thursday Showers
God demands that all His creatures give Him glory. As Christians, we need to worship Him in everything we do. These were the words of Pastor Taiwo Odukoya at the January 24 Thursday Showers service as he admonished those in attendance on the call to worship and experience His glory. He noted from Matthew 4:1-11 and Luke 24:13 that an encounter with God’s glory always leaves one with a revelation. “We cannot see the glory of God and not worship, it comes from within,” he said.
According to Pastor Taiwo, believers are one with God even though they are yet to finally be with Him. “By birth and regeneration, we are one with God but, continuously and exponentially, we are becoming more like Him,” he stated.
He then encouraged believers to dwell on God’s words as therein lies true worship. “True worship is filtered through the Word of God. Don’t be bothered about how to overcome test, be a person of the Word and you shall be strong,” he urged.

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