Pastor Nwachukwu Nzegwu @Sunday First Serviceervice

Pastor Nwachukwu Nzegwu told the congregation of The Fountain of Life Church, Ilupeju, Lagos, during his sermon at the February 21 Sunday first service that God will always intervene in the lives of His children because He knows that circumstances around them are becoming more difficult.
Speaking from Jeremiah 32:27, Genesis 1:5, Proverbs 10:11, Joel 3:10, Hebrews 10:26, Matthew 13:3-9, Psalm 37:4, Proverbs 6:2, Psalm 126:1, Genesis 32:9, and Genesis 24:40, Pastor Nzegwu assured the worshippers of God’s interventions in whatever situations they are going through if they can call on Him and speak His words to those situations. “God’s handling tool for intervening in our lives is in the words we speak. As you speak the word of God, the reality that you are looking for is coming closer to you. Your speaking will bring your dreams to reality,” he stated.
The clergy, who confirmed the working wonders of the word of God, charged the congregation to speak positive words when they run into trouble. This, according to him, will provoke God’s intervention into their circumstances.
In his words, “We all think negative thoughts. But I urge you not to verbalise those negative thoughts. When you do so, you make them come to actualisation. When you speak negative words, you curse and stagnate yourself and destiny. You should learn a new boldness and or recklessness into speaking the word of God into your situations and circumstances.


Pastor Kunle Osunkunle @ Sunday Second Service

Speaking on the power to possess one’s possessions, Pastor Kunle Osunkunle told the congregation at the February 21 Sunday second service that staying in the place of prayers and allowing God to possess one are vital steps in possessing their possessions as promised in Obadiah 1:17.
According to him, God’s intention for His children is for them to possess their possessions. He however noted that it is a promise in its potential form which would require them accessing it to make it reality in their lives. “If you remain a child, you can’t possess your possessions even though you have been given the mandate. If you don’t know how to contend or access your possession, you may never possess it,” he said.
Speaking from Galatians 4:1, Ephesians 2:10, Isaiah 40:29-31, 1 Peter 2:2 and Isaiah 37:3, the clergy noted that energy is an impartation from within that is a result of an intercourse with the spirit of God; adding that the Holy Spirit is the heavenly technology that the devil can’t hack and a search engine that helps believers to download heaven into their hearts. This, he said can be received in the place of prayers.
He said, “Acceleration is not by running, it’s by waiting. Wait before God for instruction before running so you don’t waste time because when you waste time, you waste life. Don’t be lazy in the place of prayers. Without prayers, you will be imitating the strategies of the world that will be melted with fervent heat. One way to keep your life in alignment with God is prayer.”
He then urged them to not joke with prayers as it’s a vital tool needed to receive downloads from heaven on how to possess their possessions. “The dimension of your life has been laid out but it needs to be downloaded from heaven by you so you can build according to pattern. God needs you to believe Him in order to possess your possessions,” he urged.


Pastor Seun Shobo @ Thursday showers

Pastor Seun Shobo while ministering at the February 18 Thursday showers emphasised that God’s original design for man came with a mandate of authority which would be manifested when he is intimate with God. This authority, he noted, was however stolen from man when sin came in thereby making man to doubt his authority in God.
Speaking from Genesis 1:26, Mathew 16:19, Ephesians 1:22, Mathew 28:18, Romans 8:11, Mark 4:35-41, Job 32:8, and Hebrews 5:14, Pastor Shobo revealed that Christ restored man back to this original state of utilising his authority by shedding His blood. He said, “God sent His son to man to restore his position of authority. The authority of the children are needed desperately. As God’s children, this is the time our authority should be on display because the earth is awaiting the manifestation of God. Your authority is the manifestation of God.”
According to the clergy, believers can exercise their authority in Christ by having faith in and intimacy with God. He stated, “Authority only comes from a place of intimacy. You can never exercise authority if you are not intimate with God. You need a relationship with God and that is the only access in which you can exercise your authority. God has given us authority that we should always make use of by trusting God himself. Fear is expected but not normal to the children of God. Do not let the devil bully you out of your possession.”
The clergy, whilst hinting the worshippers that if they fail in the days of adversity, their strength is small, advised that they should not allow the devil to bully them out of their possessions. He therefore urged them to exercise the authority God has given to them and not waste it or abuse it. “Learn the use authority not abuse it. Know your stand and have a good and healthy relationship with God. With that you are bold and confident,” he said