Pastor Ebenezer Kayode @Sunday first service

The system of the world is anti-Christ, but the philosophy of the church should be to shine the light of Christ. Pastor Kayode Ebenezer said the above while ministering at the February 14 Sunday first service. According to him, Christians must take the message of the Gospel seriously if they truly want to shine their light in the world.

In his words, “Every opportunity you have, mention the name of Jesus and let the world know where you stand. We should not allow the system of the world to make us what we ought not to be. Let us stand for the truth.”

Speaking from Acts 1:15-22, the clergy noted that beyond the twelve disciples (Apostles) of Jesus Christ, there is still room for another, noting that those who saw the opportunity would occupy the position of the space for an apostle (witness) of Christ. “Today we have the opportunity to stand for or reject Christ. There are things in the world today that challenged our position in Him, but we don’t need to allow the challenges we face to make us deny Christ. We should always stand for the truth which Christ represent,” he said.

Using Judas Iscariot, one of Jesus’ disciples who lost his place among the twelve Apostles and Mathias who replaced him as an illustration, Pastor Kayode highlighted two types of disciples in the body of Christ; Judas, the cheat and traitor and Mathias, the ones available for service, ready to be equipped and to be used of the Lord.

He therefore appealed to the congregation to not jettison their place in Christ because of the short term gain but to be available for the use of God by preparing themselves especially spiritually; loving the Lord with everything in them and making positive impacts in people’s life, shinning the gospel of Christ.



Pastor Ibukun Awosika @Sunday second service

Pastor Ibukun Awosika announced to the congregation at the second service of the February 14 Sunday service that peace belongs to God, such that the wisdom of men cannot comprehend. That peace, according to her, will guard believers’ hearts through Christ Jesus.


Delivering her sermon from Philippians 4:6-7, Psalm 1:41, Isaiah 23:6, Psalm 119:165, Leviticus 26:6, and Psalm 4:8, Pastor Awosika, who insisted that the world is full of problems, noted that the wisdom of men fails at the feet of God. According to her, “The word of God that surpasses human understanding will guard your heart in the midst of the storm. The source of your peace is Jehovah. God’s infrastructure for peace is tied to your relationship with Christ.”


The Pastor urged them to not tie their peace around material things; noting that it can’t last but to make Christ their peace as He is the only One that can give them eternal peace.


She said, “The peace of God is tied to your relationship with Christ, it cannot be given to you by the material things of life. Jesus Christ is the One who helps us to guard our hearts and minds with the peace that man cannot understand, it does not matter what you have, where you have been, your challenges or those who wage war against you, the peace of God will guard your heart in the midst of the storm. It will be a wonder to the world how you manage to keep calm in the midst of a storm but you’re able to keep calm because your mind is embedded in Christ. The peace of God is not circumstantial.”


Pastor Femi Megbope @ Thursday Showers

God is not a man that He would lie, neither is He the son of man that He should repent if God has spoken it, He will surely do it if He has said it; it would surely come to pass. The above declaration came through Pastor Femi Megbope while ministering at the February 11 Thursday Showers

Speaking from the books of Obadiah 1:17, Jeremiah 32:27, Genesis 21:1, Psalm 113:9, Mathew 17:24-27, Isaiah 45:3, John 8:3-11, and Isaiah 61-7, Pastor Femi Megbope described God as ‘He who rules the world, and can do all things.’ According to the clergy, “If God doesn’t intervene in our affairs, it may be difficult to possess our possessions. As individuals, we go through different challenges and these are part of life and it doesn’t change who God is and does not diminish what God can do.”

Making reference to Sarah the mother of faith, Pastor Femi Megbope charged Showerians to not doubt God. He said, “If we exalt our challenges before God, then we will focus more on our challenges and neglect what God has said and the efficacy, and the potency of God’s promises.”

The pastor, therefore, advised the worshippers to always trust God, adding that He will feed them whenever they are hungry. “God will provide where we think there is no way. But if God does not empower you, you won’t get anything,” Pastor Femi Megbope added.