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Pastor Gbenga Onabanjo @Sunday First Service

Members of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC) were admonished by Pastor Gbenga Onabanjo during the February 28 Sunday first service that they should understand their identity in Christ as this is vital to them possessing their possessions.
Taking his bible reference from Galatians 5:19-21, Jeremiah 1:5, Genesis 37:5, Luke 5:17-26, Acts16;16, and Daniel 11:32, Pastor Gbenga Onabanjo explained to the congregation that God has assigned a helper to each of them; noting that they only need to discover that person.
According to the clergy, “You should have the knowledge of the spirit of discernment, you should have the knowledge of the fear of God. They are the sum total of every of your thoughts, whether positive or negative.”
In urging the worshippers to walk in the direction that would lead them to Heaven, Pastor Onabanjo explained that believers need to understand how God leads them to discover and fulfil their purpose; adding that dreams is one of the ways people get to know their purpose on earth.
He then urged them to rely on God for directions. “Do not worry about your dreams, if they are God ordained, they would surely come to pass. Focus your attention on God and your goals and nothing will be able to stop you. Be mindful of the kind of people you bring closer to you, and it is important we know the Master,” he urged.


Pastor Tolu Ijogun @Sunday Second Service

Pastor Tolu Ijogun stressed at the February 28 Sunday second service that having the knowledge of God gives believers the courage to possess their possessions. According to her, “If you don’t know your God, chances are that you will not possess your possessions and what rightly belongs to you. Run up and get towards the miracle of Jesus Christ. They that know their God shall display strength and take action.
Speaking from Mark 4:37-40, 2Peter 1:3, Daniel 11:32, Mathew 21:21-22, and Joshua 14:7, Pastor Tolu Ijogun, informed Fountaineers that exploits should be a way of life for Christians, but that there is the need for the worshippers to know their God in times of exploits. “Sometimes, we have to fight back because we know what God has said concerning us. The Christian walk is a fight of faith, it is not a dance or conversation of faith. When you know that there is nothing difficult for God to do, you will speak with a knowing and certainty because God has said,” she said.
Pastor Tolu Ijogun further said that when believers worship God and keep running to Him, they will claim whatever belongs to them from whoever is in the possession of such. “Your miracle is made for you alone and nobody can take what is yours. God has given to you, what you need in life. When it comes to life, you have been enabled by the Holy Spirit,” she stated.
Whilst insisting that it is impossible to please God without faith, and that what prayer does is to give access, she reiterated that prayer is the most powerful thing that must be acquired by Christians.


Pastor Oyinda Soderu @ Thursday showers

Worshippers at the February 25 Thursday Showers were urged to acknowledge God as they possess their possessions. This advice came from Pastor Oyinda Soderu, who further revealed that God initiated the idea of ‘Possessing our possessions’.
According to her, for believers to possess their possessions, they must follow the basic rudiments of acknowledging the Source of the covenant which is God, believing in Him, Confessing the promises and deciding to focus on Him. “The basics of possessing your possessions is like ABC and signifies acknowledging God; believing to find Him when you seek Him; and confessing His promises to you. Don’t be intimidated by the trials, keep at it, keep confessing what God says about you. When you acknowledge God, He reveals the land you are possessing to you,” she noted.
Reading from the books of Obadiah 1:17, John 15:16, Genesis 15:7, Hebrews 11:6, Genesis 15:1, Genesis 15:7-8, Romans 10:9, and Colossians 2:6, Pastor Soderu told the worshippers that being hasty is dangerous if they want to possess their possession; noting that having a relationship with God will make them patient; to first inquire of the Lord on how and when to move to possess their possessions.
She said, “In the kingdom, you don’t just run into things, you must first pause and say God, ‘You came up with the idea of possessing my possessions, what exactly do You mean?’ God is the one that called you, you must follow the divine protocols. The race is never for the swift in our kingdom, nor for the wise ot those who think they have all it requires.”
The clergy also noted that believers need to make a decision to focus on God by consecrating themselves to Him. “Once you decide that you want it, and that you will go as far as God wants, you can’t be distracted by anything. God then begins to trust you with more and share more with you. He will also show you things,” she noted
She therefore urged them to hold on to God for instructions on how to possess their possessions. “If you understand covenant, you will know God fights for you and the only responsibility you have is to hold your peace,” she admonished.