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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday Service
In continuation of his message on developing the mind of a king, Pastor Taiwo at the September 16 Sunday service emphasized that anyone who believes and accepts Christ as Lord and Saviour gets redeemed and restored to the original position of a king, which God created man to be before sin put paid to it. “God created man as a king. The fall of man through sin deprived him of that position, but Christ’s finished work remedied that for anyone who accepts Him as Lord and Saviour,” he said.
Speaking from Romans 5:17, 2 Peter 2:9 and Romans 8:15-17, he said that being a Christian is not a club membership but a covenant, and this is what enables man to reign on earth as king and display the power of God over situations. This, he said, is impossible for the natural man, the one who does not have Jesus Christ, noting that any believer who does not know his or her identity would behave like a slave. “By default, every natural man is a slave to sin except he accepts Christ. And you, as a believer, are royalty. But if you don’t know this, you will continue to behave like a slave,” he stated.
He urged all from Galatians 4:1 and Colossians 3:1 to know who they are in Christ, their right in Him and walk therein. “It doesn’t matter where you were born; the day you gave your life to Christ, you became a king and carry unusual power. You only need to understand this and apply it in your daily living,” he said.

Pastor Taiwo @Thursday Showers
Dwelling on the account of Sarah’s conception recorded in Hebrews 11:11, Pastor Taiwo at the Thursday Showers service of September 13 said that there is divine strength available for believers to receive the manifestation of God’s promises over their lives, just as Sarah received strength to conceive at old age. According to him, every born-again child of God is in a covenant relationship with God and this makes him/her a king over situations and circumstances, if only he/she would believe and hold on to God’s Word. “God has finished His work and the blessings therein are yours for the taking through the covenant. So receive strength to possess your inheritance,” he said.
Pastor Taiwo stated that believers can exercise dominion over all limitations if they would apply the Word of God constantly to their situations. This he defined as faith, which means judging God faithful, and this is what every believer needs to walk in the miraculous.
He therefore encouraged them never to think themselves less of who they really are. “You have the right to invoke the miraculous power of God because it’s your covenant right. It’s an anomaly for you to live like those who do not have any direction,” he stated.

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