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Pastor Kunle Areogun @ Sunday First Service

Pastor Kunle Areogun at the September 9 Sunday first service said that many believers get afraid over the seeming impossible promises of God and this leads them to frustration. According to him, God’s promises may seem impossible and difficult to comprehend because of the limitation of man’s understanding, but God is ever faithful to fulfil His promises to His children. “Your impossibility is nothing in God’s presence. He will perform His Word. Only believe and confess it. Your victory lies in your spoken words,” he said.

Speaking from Hebrews 11:11, Genesis 18: 9-15, Luke 18: 35-43 and Psalm 114:1-4, he noted that when believers dwell on God’s Word, confess it and surround themselves with positive-minded friends, they get the boldness to confront intimidating challenges and overcome. “When you have the confidence that God is with you, you will have boldness to face any challenge that comes your way,” he stated.

He urged all to understand the power in the Word of God, His blood and to also judge Him faithful in order to bring to pass whatever He has promised them, just as Sarah did and received the manifestation of the promise. “God is the God of impossibilities and He will do for you what He has promised you. Just believe and judge Him faithful. Don’t let the enemy steal what belongs to you,” he enjoined.



Pastor Tinu Olashore @ Sunday Second Service

Many Christians know and speak the right words but do not act on what they know. It is the knowledge you act upon that brings your breakthrough. If you do not act on the knowledge you have in any situation, it will not shift. For any situation you are faced with to shift, you must speak a corresponding scripture that speaks the truth. It is only by the Word of God, which is the truth, that you can defeat the devil. These were the words of Pastor Tinu Olashore at the second service. “Whenever the devil speaks to you, do not engage him with your own intellect but with the Word of God,” she said.

Speaking from John 8:32; Philippians 4:19, 2:10 and 2 Corinthians 5:7, she said that believers are not immune against challenges, and that allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us would always help in overcoming such challenges. She further noted that the Word of God never fails but sin might hinder the Word from becoming manifest in a believer’s life. “It is very important to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading in all that you think, say or do. He will bring the truth of the Word to your remembrance, and help you conquer sin,” she stated.

She then urged them never to joke with the Word of God as it is the tool they need to activate God’s promises in their lives as well as defeat the devil. “You cannot be a Christian without taking a daily dose of the Word of God. It gives you the confidence that you are a covenant child of a covenant-keeping God,” she said.



Pastor Femi Megbope @Thursday Showers

Pastor Femi Megbope during the September 6 Thursday Showers service said the heart is not such a big organ but its state determines how healthy the entire body is. According to him, that is why believers have been admonished in Proverbs 4:23 to guard their hearts because it determines their outward experience.

He stated said that the devil always tries to encroach on man’s heart so as to wreak havoc, according to John 10:10, but the devil loses when we set and enforce boundaries. “The easiest way to guard something is to put boundaries around it. So, a good way to guide your heart is by setting boundaries. When boundaries are not set, you open your heart up for encroachment,” he said.

He noted that Word of God, the right values and boldness would help believers exercise their authority on any trespassers on their possessions. In his words, “The devil can knock at your door, but you don’t have to open it. If you do, you’ve opened yourself up to hurts…. Don’t lower your guard. Don’t allow your boundary to be breached.”

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