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Pastor Taiwo @Sunday Service
God is light and deals in light. Everything He does is through and with light, beginning from creation. The entrance of His Word gives light. Therefore, for believers to benefit from and show forth God’s life, they must become His light in their different areas of calling. Pastor Taiwo said this at the September 23 Sunday service which was the finale of the 2018 Emerge Conference. “God has created you as light in the midst of darkness; you are an influencer. You are a star because God makes stars,” he said.
Speaking from Matthew 5:14-17, Acts 26:12-19 and 1 John1:5, he noted that children of God are always under the attacks of the wicked ones because their evil works are always being exposed by the light of God’s children. He however noted that dwelling on the Word of God and confessing it daily will always guarantee them victory. “Never lose focus of the mandate that has been given to you by God. Remain focused on His promises irrespective of how discouraging the situation may look,” he enjoined.
He encouraged them never to be intimidated by anyone, situation or the fear of tomorrow, but to learn to always listen to right counsel which will make them shine as the stars they were created to be. “Light cannot be hidden; it will always reveal itself and will always be a source of influence to its surroundings,” he stated.

Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers
Pastor Taiwo during the Thursday Showers service of September 20 said that God is a covenant keeping God and does not do anything by accident. Faith, he said, connects His children to Him through His covenant, and He will definitely fulfill His promises. Believers however need to trust Him for the fulfillment of those promises, he stated.
Speaking from Hebrews 11:11 and Jeremiah 33:20, he said that the devil does not have the power to overrule God in any sphere of life but will use man to try to counter or attack His work, love and instructions thereby making His promises of no effect. This is why, according to Pastor Taiwo, believers should be wise and smart so as not to be vessels in the hands of the devil to obstruct the fulfillment God’s promises. And this wisdom, he noted, can be obtained by consistently dwelling on the Word of God. “God expects you to trust Him absolutely,” he said.
He then enjoined believers to always hold on to God, in spite of their circumstances, because He never fails. “You have to judge Him faithful,” he stated.
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