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WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? (Word Explosion Conference Grand finale)


WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? (Word Explosion Conference Grand finale)

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Sunday service

The grand finale of the week-long annual Word Explosion Conference of The Fountain of Life Church, with the theme, Possessing Your Possession, came to a glorious end during the April 18 Sunday service.

While delivering the message for the day, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya reminded both the onsite and online congregation that they already have every right to all that Jesus has based on their salvation but can only manifest the right when they understand this right and utilise it appropriately.

In his words, “The day you gave your life to Jesus Christ, you were translated from the world of darkness into God’s kingdom of Light. That day, you stopped being a slave and you became a son of God, a citizen of God’s kingdom.  You have every right that Jesus has. But, how much of God’s treasury that is made available to you are you manifesting so far?”

The clergy also said that possessing one’s possession is a life time thing. “If you are a child of God, possessing your possession is what you will do until you die or you’re raptured,” he said.

Taking his scripture from the book of Revelation 3:7-11 and 1 Corinthians 16:9, he said that, in spite of the struggle believers experience in this world, they need to walk in the consciousness that Christ has set an open door for all and this door is a permanent possession. “You are keeping his word and not denying His name and Jesus sees and knows you have little strength that is why He is telling you that the open door is your possession,” he said.

The clergy went on to note that the most important thing believers should aim to possess even through the open door is souls. In his words, “Souls are important to God. That is why Jesus’ first commandment to believers after His resurrection is to win souls. We shouldn’t sit down and wish for everything to be yours and show off with it.”

Another reason the door is open, according to Pastor Taiwo, is so that believers could enjoy God. He ended the message by making prophetic declarations on eh congregation. “GOD is picking you up for a permanent turnaround,” he declared.


Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @Thursday Showers

In a brief sermon that can be summarized as Seasons of Open Doors, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya during the April 8 Thursday Showers said that an open door is metaphorically a massive and unique door. He further stated that these doors prophetically mean supernatural opportunities opened to believers who would use it appropriately.

Speaking from 1 Corinthians 16:8-9, he stated that when a door is opened to believers by God, adversaries and hostile enemies will lurk around trying to stop the great door; adding that when believers remain focused on the door, the distractions from the enemies won’t have any hold on them. “We are in our open season and whatever door is knocked on is opened”, he said.

Pastor Taiwo also noted that any door God opens has to be effectual and significant; stating that believers then have a duty to wait for it even though it tarries. “A massive door. What does it mean by an effectual door? It means that though it tarries, wait for it. This door is effective. It connects every dot of your destiny and your assignment in life,” he said.

He therefore urged them to be sensitive to divine doors of opportunities that have been opened to them and seize it. “It’s one thing for God to open a door for you, it’s another thing for you to discern it,” he said.