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Pastor Taiwo @Sunday Service

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya has said that God will always do everything He wants to do on earth through His Word and the devil will always want to hinder God’s words and promises to His children from coming to pass; but this can be overcome as believers understand their identity in Christ. He said this at the February 19 Sunday service while speaking to the congregation on the need to align their mindset to that of God.

Speaking from Revelation 3:7-10 and 1 Kings 18:1-30, 41-46, he said that the battle of life begins from the mind, and the attack on the mind starts when there is a revelation of the Word of God in a believer’s life. The assured way of overcoming such attacks and obtaining the manifestation of God’s promises, Pastor Taiwo said, is dwelling more on the Word of God and prayers. “The battle of your life is in your mind. So you must first see the victory in your mind before it can manifest,” he stated.
He therefore urged all never to be deceived by the wiles of the devil to give up on their hope in Christ. According to him, once their mindset is aligned with that of Christ, victory is certain. “When revelation comes, handle it with prayers; then go and relax,” he said.

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Pastor Taiwo @Thursday Showers
The heart is the ultimate decider of man’s action. That is why whatever can be formed in the mind can be achieved, hence every true child of God has to be careful what he or she thinks because one actually becomes what one thinks. This was the crux of Pastor Taiwo’s message at the February 16 Thursday Showers service. “If you don’t see it in your mind, you can’t have it; and whatever you see, you will have irrespective of the prevailing situation or circumstance,” he said.

Speaking from Proverbs 23:6-8 and 1 Corinthians 2:16, he said that every child of God has the capacity to think like Christ. However, if that child does not put that positive mindset to use or chooses to conform to the world’s pattern of thinking, he or she would end up behaving like those of the world. “If you listen to the world, you won’t see God and His open doors; but if you listen to God, then you will dazzle the world,” he stated.

Pastor Taiwo further noted that dwelling and acting on the Word of God (in the Bible) is the only way to think and act like God. He therefore urged believers from Psalm 1:1-3 to be purposeful about what they think because it will determine what they see and this will either have a positive or negative effect on their realities. “If you can change your thinking from being negative, it will affect your situation positively. So get your counsel from the Word and not the world,” he enjoined.

Dwelling on the promise for the week in Amos 9:13, Pastor Nomthi at the February 19 Sunday service said that God’s miracles are always jaw-dropping and unexplainable to humans. And when such miracles are wrought in a life, such automatically becomes amazing and sweet. “God will bring sweetness out of every difficult situation so much so that everything sweet will flow your way and your middle name will become ‘Sweet,’” she said.
She noted that miracles are usually God’s intervention when man’s efforts have failed, adding that faith is the channel for receiving His miracles. “God’s miracle will launch you from obscurity to the limelight,” she stated.
She therefore urged them to always believe God’s Word as that is the assurance of its fulfillment if they do not faint. “God is doing new things for us by opening new doors; the whole world will hear about it and glorify Him on our behalf,” she said.