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Pastor Nomthi @Sunday service

May 13 was a special Sunday as the whole church celebrated mothers. Pastor Nomthi in her message noted that challenges would always confront families but total trust in God would see believers through such challenges and give them their breakthroughs. “Challenges would always come but as a child of God, you are more than a conqueror; so don’t give up,’ she said.

Using the story of Isaac and Rebecca recorded in Genesis 25:20-21 as an illustration, she mentioned barrenness, parental favoritism towards a particular child, siblings’ rivalry, in-law issues, deceit, and blindness as some of the challenges parents and families face. She further said that Christian parents should, with godly wisdom, do their best to handle the affairs of their family. “As a parent, don’t make decisions when you are tired,” she urged.

She then implored parents to disallow negative behaviours and lifestyle in their homes but to rather allow the Spirit of God, reconciliation and forgiveness to exist in the family. “Whatever your situation, you will have a happy ending. You will have a peaceful home in Jesus’ name,” she stated.


Other scriptures referenced are Genesis 25:27-28; Genesis 26:34-35; Genesis 27:46, 28:8-9; Proverbs 18:21; Genesis 27:13; Genesis 27:1; Genesis 27:45

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Pastor Taiwo @Thursday Showers

Pastor Taiwo told the worshippers at the May 10 Thursday Showers service that worry is a negative emotion that does no good to anyone nor bring their desires to fruition; so no believer should allow it in his or her life. “You are not smarter than God who gave you life. If He said you should not worry about anything, then you don’t need to worry,” he said.

Speaking from Matthew 6:25-34, he said believers sometimes get so worried over fear of failure, success, and the future that they do it to their own detriment. According to him, God is the Creator of time, so He controls the past, present and future and has given His Word to His children, adding that believers would enjoy His promises if only they could fix their gaze or put their trust in God. “You should be diligent but you cannot afford to worry,” he stated.

Pastor Taiwo further said that worry has no regard for status—it affects the poor and the rich, and may kill if one does not redirect his or her trust to God. “Your heavenly Father who called and assigned you knows how to take care of you, so do not worry,” he enjoined.