Pastor Taiwo @Sunday Service

The character of God cannot be changed by any circumstance, situation or law. Whenever He is in a covenant with anyone, such a person will always experience marvels. These were the words of Pastor Taiwo at the May 6 Sunday service as he continued his teaching on the awesomeness of God with His covenant children. “He is a covenant keeping God and will always do an awesome thing with you because you are his covenant child,” he said.

Using Moses’ encounter with God recorded in Exodus 34:10 as an illustration, he said that being a Christian means the entrance of such a person into covenant marvels. According to him, God’s natural disposition to His people is the miraculous and He brings them into the awareness and understanding of that reality. This, he said, will in turn make the believers to start to discern and actualize the work of God in their lives. “When God makes a covenant with you, you will begin to live it and people will begin to see His works in you,” he stated.

He therefore asked them to spend more time in God’s word because therein lies the boldness to claim their victory and all that God has given to them, and to overcome fear, doubt and all negative thoughts. “No one can ever predict what God has for you, so they cannot prevent it from coming to manifestation. It is therefore important that you know your right in God,” he emphasised.


Pastor Taiwo @Thursday Showers

Pastor Taiwo has reiterated the need for believers to understand that God is an awesome God who through His covenant with His children turns hopeless situations around. He said this at the May 3 Thursday Showers service. In his words, “Man operates in the physical and emotional realm while God operates from the spiritual realm.”

Speaking from Exodus 34:10, Pastor Taiwo said that God does not do things in abstract but on the basis of the covenant He has with his children. According to him, when it comes to God and His covenant children, it is always marvelous, and this creates, maintains, and sustains great wonders in their lives. “It is a covenant thing when God does what is seemingly difficult in a very simple way in the lives of His people,” he said.

He therefore encouraged believers to be conscious of the covenant they have with God in order to enjoy the great marvels of the covenant. “The devil only cheats believers out of what God has given to them when they are not aware of all they have in Christ, which is revealed by His spirit,” he stated.

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