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The Word of God has not changed; it is only what the devil does that changes, and he throws things at you to make you shift your focus to what he does rather than on the Word of God. Ignore the devil and focus on the Word. These were the words of Pastor Nomthi Odukoya as she took the promise for the week at the May 28 Sunday service.

Reading from Luke 11:9-10, she urged the congregation to lay their burdens at the feet of Jesus, even as they stay focused on asking, seeking and knocking at heaven’s door. By so doing, she said, God will provide all they are seeking and asking for.

She stated that the doorbell to heaven is forever available and does not irritate God, quite unlike the typical doorbell to a home, which is expected to be pressed just once in order not to disturb its occupants.

Words of encouragement from Pastor Nomthi @ Thursday Showers

Sharing from Job 14:7-9,14, Pastor Nomthi Odukoya encouraged the congregation at the Thursday Showers service of May 25 not to give up but wait on the Lord. She stated that as children of God, if we need to wait, then we must wait. Most times, she said, waiting is a painful process. “Nobody wants to wait; we wish things could happen immediately, but God sometimes wants us to go through that waiting period,” she noted.

Pastor Nomthi explained that there is something called ‘delayed gratification’ and that God does want us to wait on Him for certain things. But even whilst waiting, she urged that we must not be passive, but rather be active. “If you are waiting on God for something, you should be doing what He has called you to do; you should be serving in His vineyard whilst waiting,” she said.

She told those who felt they were waiting in a place they once flourished and suddenly feel like a cut-off and dried-up tree that there was hope for them to sprout and bud again. This, she said, would be “at the scent of water, which could be the presence of God, serving faithfully in church or being good to people,” according to the Word of God (in the reference scripture in Job).